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Welcome to this overview section of one aspect of Kalos and it's commitment to help you reach your full-potential HEALTH: Body, Mind, Spirit. 


Students (foreground) demonstrating a
testing technique Valerie (background)
has been reviewing.

The process of resolving problems and recovering from the effects of the obstacles in our environment is called Healing. Healing is an interim solution to problems and their consequences. Transformational Healing goes on to explore beneath the symptoms to their cause in the relationship of body - mind - spirit. We can identify what is happening that inhibits the immune system or precipitates an 'accident'. It is then possible to go beyond the surface behaviors of everyone involved and get to the real issue. When the truth is uncovered in the Kalos Process, the benefit of the experience is realized, and the related emotions and behavior are matured-up. This has the unique affect of dispelling guilt, blame. and other negative emotions.  Through the Kalos Process, A new spirit-infused understanding is born as we "see the truth" of another's deepest motivations (hidden in their sub-consciousness).  Harmony and clarity replaces old worries, frustration and fear.

Transformational Healing is a completion as well as an ongoing process, of creating optimum health and well being. It is the process of discovering and overcoming the subconscious patterns that 'lie' behind your problems. Your mind is renewed through this transformational and spirit permeated process. Ongoing health means creating optimum well being and this is done by changing our thoughts and renewing our mind. It's being transformed through all our levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, as an integrated personality (socially), and spiritually.  By understanding and removing the problem at its core cause, transformation is the result.

Being Our Full Potential is the process of expressing a positive attitude through an integrated personality, which then can interact effectively in the world out of its Purpose for Living. It is valuable that we put into action what we have just learned. If we are not growing in capacity we are contracting (dying at some level of our being). As we take action on the insights we gained from the Kalos Process, we take responsibility for our lives. Eventually this action will involve others and move to facilitating common goals and shared dreams. This begins the process of consciously expressing our Purpose for Living and manifesting our mission. It is not only wonderful to be creating something bigger than our selves, it's part of our original design for "A people without a vision die." "Living the Vision" is our invitation to co-create: transformation in relationships, transformation in groups, in institutions, in culture and in society, raising the quality of life for everyone.

Transformation - The act of moving or changing from one form to another, as a tree is transformed into lumber. A transformed state is still made of the same "stuff." It simply takes on a different purpose and meaning. Transforming one's life is to alter one's purpose from self-centeredness to consciousness beyond the self, incorporating the whole of humanity. To live for the benefit of others, unconditionally caring and humbly loving all creatures, even with risking one's comfort, is to transform one's life.

Transmutation - The act of changing into a completely different nature or substance, form or condition. Using the example of a tree, would be to burn the lumber in a fire, turning it into heat, light and ashes. A conversion process takes place, such as pride turns into humility and greed changes into contribution without seeking personal gain from the giving. Transmutation is a type of transformation, just at a deeper level. Even hate can turn into love when transmuted by "truth," such as in a Kalos Process.

Recognizing, Experiencing Consciously and subconsciously, Accepting, Understanding, Transforming, Transcending

bullet1. Individual physical and emotional ailments.           
bullet2. Clusters of self-limiting and protective attitudes.
bullet3. Core Patterns of self-defeating behaviors (many times subconscious)


Real problem/cause
Identifying perpetration
CHOICE to own the cause
Open to possibility you created it. (It's your experience.)

A happening (grace)
Integration of Spirit
Appreciating positive Intent
Feeling gratitude in the benefit

Single minded

Taking Responsibility
Taking Action-Steps
Priorities & Program
Manifesting Results
Self Empowerment

Full Potential
Optimum Well Being

Purpose in your Life and circumstances.

EXPANDING - A happening (grace)
Surrendered to Spirit
Appreciative of gifts
Lovingly grateful

Single Minded

Taking Responsibility
Living Heart's Vision
Taking Action- steps
Priorities & Program
Manifesting Results
Facilitating Others
Called and Anointed
The New Paradigm
Living in the Privilege
 Try this experiment! Live for one whole day continually asking yourself this pertinent question:
Is what I am doing a privilege, or is it something else, i.e., obligation, duty, etc.?
Tell the truth and if you find that you are not living "in the privilege," change your perception by choosing to do what you are doing. This will automatically change your feelings about it. You can then appreciate what you are doing because you chose it!
Experiencing and expressing your full potential of joy is about experiencing your life as a privilege. In everything you do you can choose it with a cheerful heart. Just knowing that it is your own choice, instead of being a victim of your circumstance, is shifting gears to an easier ride through life. It's like going on cruse control.
"Our attitude determines our altitude" has been a favorite saying of mine since my teens. Telling the truth to myself in how I am feeling in any given moment is a way of taking charge of my life. If I find myself feeling less that a peaceful, joyful state, I know that I can change my feelings by changing my thoughts. Feelings are dependent upon thoughts. Feelings are difficult to control, yet thoughts are not. I can focus on what is praiseworthy any moment I choose. I can be grateful for many things at any given moment. What power we have in taking charge of our lives by simply being in charge of our thoughts.
Some people have told me that they have a difficult time remembering that they are in charge. That is fine. Just as soon as you find you are in a negative space, change it! Someone once said that as soon as you discover that you are unconscious, you are awake! Stop punishing yourself for what has already transpired and start appreciating the fact that each day is a new beginning to express your full potential of joy! Maybe life is a lot like the movie "Groundhog Day." We either awake to our situation and do something about it or not. We have the ability for introspection and inner guidance with us daily, hourly and even moment to moment. We are never without it. Not to become so absorbed in ourselves, but to know that we are always in charge.
Our lives are what we make them to be. And until we can own our thoughts we will not succeed very well in being in the drivers seat of our emotions. Instead, emotions will be driving us straight to victimized hell. It is a wonderful experiment to live in the privilege of life. Even if you must pretend for a while, do it! Even if it's difficult, do it! Even if you fail many times, do it! You can and you must if you are to "transform your life by the renewing of your mind."