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Kalos Program of Seminars, Courses, & Training To Facilitate Healing, Transformation, Optimum Well Being

Students practicing Muscle Response Testing (MRT)

All the seminars are experiential workshops whose intention is to facilitate - Health, Happiness, and Harmony in All Aspects of Your Life

Bring your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual challenges into the Seminars to be healed. These advanced methods assist you to resolve individual problems and reach your goals. You can then utilize these techniques to support yourself to achieve success in other areas of your life. You will also be trained to support others in their Transformational Healing process.


1. Finding out if you are single minded (conscious and subconscious mind in alignment) about what you want in life and what you want changed in your life.
2. Uncovering, understanding and maturing up the inherited family emotional and behavioral patterns that are blocking you from achieving your Goals.
3. Learn how to access your bio-computer through Muscle Response Testing to find and heal the cause of problems and take responsibility for living your full potential.

The Kalos System has four foundational seminars: K-I through K-IV, followed by the Health Facilitation Training Seminar (K-V). Two additional seminars: Touch for Health and Creative Healing Massage is recommended for Health Facilitators in training. An Internship Program is required for Health Facilitators seeking certification. The Spiritual Weekend and a personal interview with the Founder, Dr. Valerie is required for those Facilitator Graduates seeking Certification as a Minister of Healing.

Kalos phone: (800) 775-2567