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Wellness Clinic
Healing Retreat and Recuperation Spa

TOTAL LIFE connotes all aspects of our being and it's expression in all the domains, throughout the transitions of life -

bulletBody, Emotions, Mind, Integrated Personality, Spirit
bulletSelf, Relationships, Families, Work & Other Institutions, Community & Society
bulletBirth, Puberty & Majority Age, Marriage & Children, Careers & Vows, Death ...

A wholistic wellness approach signifies a multi-modality complementary (alternative) program for facilitating well-being - body, mind, spirit. (Wholistic spelled with a "w", according to Webster's, indicates the physical body is included.)

A holistic oriented outcome denotes facilitating program participants to reach their full potential in all domains of a well-balanced, joyful life, termed well-being.

A whole program spanning the whole of a person's life includes specialized components for reviewing the opportunities in life's transitions.
The program would thus facilitate -
bulletDiscovering our core-being - who are we, what is our fundamental nature and disposition,
    how do we perceive and act out of gender, age, culture and race.
bulletExperiencing the gifts, talents, attributes and meaningful styles we can release in each
    newly accepted identity.
bulletExpressing our unique calling and it's mission in service, it's long range vision.
bulletIncreasingly building our character, while integrating our personality during life's challenges.

One of the core foundation supports of this TLC (whole-life) model is predicated on "bio-system" theories within, between and around people. These symbiotic intra and inter person systems address more than the seemingly competitive components but also the synergy of the sum of the parts. As the scientific community has noted human beings are either in expansion or contraction.
Contraction is entropy or decay and death. We are invited to be a subject of that expansion, not an object. We are invited to Be; to be human beings, not simply "human doings." This is the model of holistic living that seeks balance for our lives in left and right brain, head and heart, in family and career, in activity and reflection... The source of all creative expression, Spirit, is being seen once again as our inspiration and aspiration in service. ...

TLC is bring together a holistic model for personal and professional development through:
    1) Education ...
    2) Training ...
    3) Counseling ...
    4) Treatment ...

In the seminars and consultations Kalos offers it has been demonstrated for over 24 years that individuals may be healed of disease and impediments, but unless they create an arena to express their full-potential they can continue to recycle sub-conscious patterns into new disorders.
To go beyond health (sub-health) into wellness (optimal-health) we must:
    1) resolve hidden programming
    2) live out of our love and commitments for manifesting what is dear to us, thus be
    realizing our full potential. To live a life of well-being we must create a balance in our lives of all our aspects and domains:
    1) Body, Mind, Spirit.
    2) Spirit, Self, Spouse, Family, Career, Mission
To experience a profound sense of contribution and joy, it seems we must also, be creatively manifesting our life purpose, our mission, and co-creating a shared vision.