The Beautiful Journey

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Dear Journeyer:
    We are all on journeys in search of truth that we get to discover has always resided in our heart's home. THE Beautiful JOURNEY is a compilation of wayfarer's notes and insights that have helped to guide us on our way. This Journal excerpts musings about the path through inspiration, healing, transformation, expressing our potential, fulfilling our life purpose, manifesting the dreams God put in our hearts, and co-creating with others shared visions for transformed lives.
We invite you to sip from this Journal when you want sweet nourishment and probing, provocative perspectives.
                With Love, Appreciation and Well Wishes - The Kalos Explorers



In the Beginning - GOD

Who Is, Was, and ever shall Be.

All Presence - All Knowledge - All Power - Everywhere - GOD

Being all there is, God decided to experiment. And therefore chose a BIG EXPERIMENT:

To pretend that there was something outside of God in the Universe!

"How preposterous," God thought. "How could there be anything outside Myself, anything besides Me? For I Am the same yesterday, today and forever!"

It pleased God to assume that there was something in existence besides "It"-self. The assumption could create the Big Experiment!

God smiled and wondered, "Could it be true? Could there be something outside of Me in the Universe? What a strange idea! What a strange thought!"

As God wondered, it began to matter!
As "It" mattered, the denser "It" got.
And as God opened to the possibility of not being "All" there was
Instantly - SUBSTANCE appeared!

"This is wonderful," God thought. "My experiment is going well!"

The more It mattered, the bigger It got!

"It is a good experiment, I Am pleased." And God said, "Since I Am Light, I will call the Substance dark." (Light divided to make light and dark.)

Substance took on qualities and characteristics,
Being God, yet separate from God!
Light separated from itself - now expressed as darkness.
Therefore, DUALITY appeared!

God wondered if anything really could be separate from itself - and it began to matter again.

The more it mattered, the bigger "It" got. And the evening and the morning became the First Day of -- THE BIG EXPERIMENT!

"Since I Am ALL KNOWLEDGEABLE, 'It' must experience 'Not-knowing.' 'It' must need to learn and grow in knowledge."

"Since I Am conscious of all things, 'It' must only be conscious of itself. (Not knowing 'It' is Me!)"

God again wondered, "Could this be true? Could I also, only know of Myself? Could there be something besides Me in the Universe?

The more God wondered, the bigger "It" got. Possibility of other knowledge came into existence!

"If I have created 'It,' is it possible that something else created Me? - IMPOSSIBLE!"

The more "It" mattered, the bigger "It" got.
And the evening and the morning were the Second Day.

"Since I Am NEVER CHANGING, 'It' will change often, expressing a will of its own. I bestow an ability to think, move, change, and have its own thought processes - called individual will (Ego)."

Thought, governed by self, expressing a will of its own,
Experiencing separateness from God,
Was given permission to reproduce after its own kind.

As God deeply pondered how big this experiment could become in the reproduction phase, It mattered again.

The more "It" mattered, the Bigger "It" got!
Still seeing this a great experiment,
The evening and the morning became the Third Day.

"Since I Am ALL POWERFUL, "It" will experience weakness and helplessness, even weakness unto death."

Opposition in all things appeared in the Universe:
Light and darkness,
Strength and weakness,
All knowing consciousness and self-consciousness,
Everywhere presence and individual substance,
Universal awareness and ego centeredness.
The possibility of separateness was well into existence!

The greater the light, the greater the dark. Opposition gave power to the Universe. Dividing the light from the darkness created days and nights. This gave more meaning to the Big Experiment. This created times and seasons with an ability to multiply after its own kind. Separate consciousness being self-consciousness, referred to as the Ego, being conscious only of self. God wondered, "Could this be so?" It again began to matter.

The more "It" mattered, the bigger "It" got.
God joyfully looked at the Big Experiment and said,
"I Am pleased. 'It' is good. I Am that I Am!"
And the evening and the morning were the Fourth Day.

God looked at the Big Experiment. "What a Great Experiment!" God wondered if it were possible to duplicate "It."

Again and again the experiment repeated itself. It worked every time! Now many dark spots appeared in the Universe. God noticed how many of the vibrations began to move closer together. Some even became attached. From the depth of caring, God observed what was going on. God loved the creation and noticed what was drawing the substance together.

Out of loneliness and need, helplessness and doubt, they gathered together for strength. Only conscious of themselves, only able to see through their own experience in darkness, yet seeking to be complete, always seeking the Light. Some were passive, some aggressive, reaching out to attach to the other - Hence, YIN (receiving) and YANG (reaching out) appeared in the Universe!

The combining, changing and polarization of vibrations
Began flowing as a symphony.
New force fields of energy were born,
As MAGNETISM came into being.

"Since I Am LOVE, I will call 'Them' desire. Even being in opposition to Me, they want to be like Me! They cannot stay apart from each other. They are drawn by the magnetism of their desires; even believing that they could become whole, if they only cling to each other!"

Polarity altered realities manifested in the Universe. Multiplication was born! Thoughts became intelligences, governing themselves, multiplying after their own kind, experiencing weakness and needs. They wanted to know who they were, the meaning of their lives, and the nature of their creation.

The need for Oneness, Knowledge and Meaning proliferated in the Universe.
Denser and denser the vibrations became.
And the evening and the morning were the Fifth Day.

And God said, "Since I Am the CREATOR, you then are the created:
Since I Am without form, you then shall have form.
Since I Am everywhere present, you shall occupy one place at a time.
Since I Am everlasting to everlasting, you shall experience time and temporary existence.
Since I Am infinite, you shall be finite.
Since I Am 'all in all' with no need to procreate, you shall procreate after your own kind."

The Big Experiment was going well!
Even to imagine something besides God was too absurd to contain - so God laughed and laughed.

" 'It' is great, I will play with this experiment one more day," God said. "I will wait and reserve my evaluation until the experiment is complete."

Let light put on darkness.
Let consciousness put on unconsciousness.
Let oneness put on separateness.
Let Spirit be expressed through dense vibrations of form.
Let energy be expressed through opposite polarities.
Let the un-created become the created.
Let all multiply and reproduce after their own kind.

God looked at the Big Experiment and wondered, "Could this be possible? Could there be something besides Me in the Universe?"

The more God wondered, the Bigger "It" got!
And the evening and the morning were the Sixth Day.

On the Seventh Day God relaxed and observed:
Movements, rhythms, vibrations, formations repeating and duplicating themselves in cycles. Energy - growing, changing, multiplying, resounding, interacting, and vanishing.

And God said, "Out of the Light came the darkness, becoming form. Therefore, when the form dies, "It" turns into Light again."

Every Experiment - A New Beginning . . . . . . .