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How Nurses, on Their Continuing Education Examination, Have Explained the Purpose of the Kalos Process in Health Facilitation

"Using Muscle Response Testing (MRT) as a way to break cycles of thinking which were determined at some point in a persons life that stops them from accomplishing what they want. It is a way to align the body, mind, and spirit. MRT allows you to get insight into the subconscious mind (which consists of 80% of all thought), to break old patterns which could show up later as a disease process before it occurs. The process allows the person to 'mature up' old thinking, that no longer serves them."
C.W., Sacramento, CA

"The Purpose of the Kalos Process is to uncover root causes of physical, emotional or spiritual difficulties through Muscle Response Testing, then to assist the client (could be oneself) in becoming single minded on a goal or concern. Then use the "processing" through MRT to obtain the appropriate mental, emotional and emotional "shift."
S.D. Sacramento, CA

When Student/clients Were Asked, "What Is a Health Facilitator?" Their Answers Will Hopefully Encourage You.

"A professional practitioner that creates a place of caring and safety to teach well-ness prevention and be a guide for taking responsibilities for oneself."
Carol Riddles

"One who assists another person in obtaining optimum health. One who helps another find out what their body needs to get to the cause of problems or pain."
Carol Blehm-Klismet

"A Health Facilitator is an educator who helps one reach his optimum well-being." Someone who facilitates people in their quest fo healing by supporting them to trust their testing and be empowered by their inner doctor and God's wisdom in them. A Health Facilitator DOES NOT advise, direct, counsel or prescribe. He/she is participant-centered, remaining objective and detached, always on the side of healing in a compassionate (not sympathetic) listener/detective." Karen Langer Baker

"A person who facilitates another in their own healing. Someone who gets out of the way when needed. Someone who is helpful to find the treasures that lie within. Someone who is knowledge-full, spirit-full, and intuitive."
Angela Nelson