Testimonial - 2

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Dear Valerie:
Thank you for taking time to assist us and instruct us to further assist ourselves and to facilitate others to our optimum health. I love you and appreciate your joy, playfulness and love of life. You make a major difference in my life. Teri

Dear Valerie:
Thank you for spreading this great healing work to all of us and to the planet. Much Love, Roz

Dear Valerie:
So glad I made it this weekend it's a joy to be around you and hop I can be in more of your workshops. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Rosemary

Dear Valerie:
I love to be in your workshops because you have got to be the most joyous person I've ever me! Thank you for sharing it with me and so many others. Love, Louise

Dear Valerie:
Thanks for your smile, your powerful intention, your commitment to the planet, your willingness to love and your dancing wild and free. I love you, Alan

Valerie -
It has been a real joy working with you, you are a truly inspiring healer, your work a wonderful gift to the planet - I'm so glad I heard you on Seeing Beyond Radio show. The workshop is just what I needed. Thank you for sharing your gift and energy with us. With Love & Light - June

Dear Valerie -
Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching and beautiful Spirit. You have helped me find the healer within. Yours, Mary

Dear Val:
You are such a gift in my life. You are God's beloved daughter in home He (& I) are will pleased. Lena

Your work is magnificent. I appreciate that you have created so much for us and the world. Alice

Dear Valerie:
I was drawn here by many forces, and I just trust and came. Hooray! This is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks from my heart for helping me feel more empowered. I'll do my best to pass it on. Love, Heidi

You are an inspiration to strive to be all that I can. It's always a wonderful gift to be with you. Love & Light, Lee

Dear Valerie:
Thank you so much for your inspiration, insight and especially for your love. You are truly are a special person! With love, Rose

We are all love, Val. all at one in the love and you have helped us all to become this Reality - and we love your for that and for just being your precious self. In oneness all-ways, I.N.

The gift of prophecy without love means nothing. You have both, prophecy and love. Thank you for sharing yourself. You have been the catalyst I needed to open my hart so I can receive and learn to give love. Love and light to you and to those you touch, Anthony.

Thank you for sharing all your love and truth and the beautiful transforming Kalos Process. You are an inspiration and I commend myself for being drawn here. With love and gratitude for what you have given me, Olga


K1 - Heal the Cause
The warmth and safety that make it easy for me to take steps in my growth were everywhere in this seminar, even processing that I usually resist was surprisingly effortless and rewarding.
Richard Salome

I am so grateful for the Kalos Processes. I really appreciated the care and love given to each participant during our Sunday morning "Purpose and who I am" exercises. June Guilhamet,

I was very impressed with the section on clarifying your Life Purpose. Valerie's ability to intuit with each person what was needed to grow was fabulous. Gita

Through the processing I got to clear several important biggies for me... I love these seminars, Valerie, you are such a light. This work you have brought forward works for me and can work for lots of people. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be with you again. I look forward to more in the future - love, love, love. Hip Hip Hoorah.! Susan Pitas,

...discovering we can access physical, emotional and mental information to the body through Muscle Response Testing. I found out how to work on myself, I LOVED IT! Sue Helm

Thank you Valerie for providing me with a great, successful model for some of how I want to express my purpose in the world. I'm looking forward to rubbing shoulders with you a lot more in future workshops. I love how Spirit flows in your and I love you! Donna Bach

I felt so much love within the group and I don't know when I've laughed so much (very healing)! Thanks for a wonderful week-end. Shirley Jackson.

... It was all FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, full of LOVE and I cherished every moment. I am so fulfilled and grateful for the privilege of attending this seminar. My life has already changed for the good and I KNOW it will continue on and on. I love you all from a deep place in my heart!
Sue Wisener

K2 - Creating Joyful Relationships
... the circle with father-mother, it helped me understand my mother - father better and to forgive them, even more. I really benefited in this workshop to understand and love myself better, my husband better, my mother and father better. I am able to love and forgive them better with the whole workshop. Carole Grimwood


I enjoyed your health presentation. It was very good. I am very sure the whole class loved it. I am trying to stay healthy as possible. Nicole O.

I enjoyed your health lesson. There was a lot of things that I didn't know about health.
Marian W.

Thank you for coming and sharing your health stuff. It was very nice. You'd have to be smart to know that. Brian F.

Thanks for demonstrating our health. Thank you for making my ribs feel better.
Your Friend, Armando

Thank you for teaching us about our bodies. It was cool From now on I'm not going to have sugar for snacks any more. Daniel C.

Thank you for coming. It was very interesting. Thank you for testing me. You explained everything very well. It was neat how the electrical body works. Kari S

Thanks for the presentation! I did the weak thing where you push down your hand. My family liked it. It was cool! I also like the other stuff you did to our class. I liked it a lot! Sincerely, Steve F.