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Required for Certified Health Facilitators

In both workshops the seminar leader augments the fundamentals with additional insights from Kalos methods. The leader will give you some of the quick balancing techniques used successfully in wholistic health practice.

Touch for Health - for Restoring the Bodies Natural Energies (Kalos Sponsored)

    Touch for Health (TFH) is a practical guide to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension. TFH was developed by Dr. John Thie, director of Thie Chiropractic Corporation in Pasadena and based upon the work of Dr. George Goodheart, the Father of Applied Kinesiology. This course is valuable for every Health Facilitator.

    TFH is a valuable addition to the healing arts. It responds to the growing need for people to take responsibility for their own health and well being. It teaches lay persons as well as professionals a new approach to balancing the body through the muscular/skeletal system of muscle manipulation, acupuncture massage, neuro-vascular holding points, acu-pressure holdings points and other approaches to body balancing. You will learn how to apply the law of the Five Elements by correcting one muscle to balance them all.

    This class will be taught by Dr. Valerie, who is a certified instructor that has been using TFH for over 25 years. She will give you some of the quick balancing techniques she has used successfully in wholistic health practice. She has pioneered Applied Kinesiology, Behavioral Kinesiology and Bio-kinesiology. She is the Founder of Kalos Seminars International. Developing a process to re-program  the subconscious mind, brought her to ending private practice and devoting all of her time to teaching others. Her main focus is to teach "How the body Works" as well as "How the Mind Works," and how health is established and maintained . She uses Applied Kinesiology to trace any problem to its cause, whether it is structural, nutritional, emotional,. electrical, toxicity, dyslexia, etc.

(Kalos Sponsored)

    The purpose for Creative Healing Massage is to assist the body in the process of regeneration and bring it to normal function. Very few other therapies have such rapid and rejuvenating results. Gentleness and modesty is used, with four basic techniques involved:

    1. An extra light-to-heavy massage is used to bring the body to normal temperature. You will learn how to put heat into the body or draw unwanted heat out to promote healing.

    2. "Creating a vacuum," using a special massage stroke, can drain congested glands and organs and help to eliminate inflammation. This is a powerful method, which restores normal function to organs and normalizes blood pressure.

    3. Learning to "reposition substance," enables you to put dislocations back into place; rebuild the disc material between the vertebras; lift organs which have prolapsed; etc..

    4. A special "breaking-up" movement releases muscle spasms and disperses toxins. Although this is a very gentle massage action, it is a highly effective way to dissipate congestion and increase relaxation.

    Mr. Joseph Stephenson, the founder of Creative Healing, was an advanced healer who, when necessary, could visualize the patient's body becoming transparent. He has given us exciting new methods, which can help regenerate the body. Adding "Creative Healing Massage" to your nutritional and cleansing programs make it possible to alleviate pain and inflammation from the body in a faster way. Over forty treatments are given in the Creative Healing Class. A textbook is included.

    These simple methods are easy to learn, so that even beginners can get wonderful results. Mr. Stephenson's techniques remind us of how well our body is created and equipped to do its own healing. Completing a Creative Healing course, will give you both a new way of "seeing" the body and a whole new concept in the art of healing.

Friday - Monday - 9 am to 6 pm daily - 40 hour certified course $550 $500 with a one month advance deposit of $100.  Register early - Class limited to 20 students.