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Proposed Resort Well-being Programs

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These services and programs are the foundation for facilitating wellness -- body, mind, & spirit. The participant through both the individual and group offerings will be supported in being able to experience a composite sense of well-being in totality - all the aspects of being and domains of life.

1) Local residents and guests may simply choose a'la carte from the array of offerings to enhance an aspect of wellness.
2) They may participate in a schedule of offerings that explore a domain of well-being, i.e. physical health, relationships,
3) However, the preferred utilization of the programs would be for the guest to participate in individual evaluation sessions and then design a customized program for their needs at this time. This would entail periodic rechecks on progress throughout their stay. Then nearing the end of the program meet with a Coach (general &/or specialist) to review the well-ness program & well-being goals they are to continue on at home. This coach would be, at minimum, function as a "sponsor" insuring they don't fall off the program and then optimally be as a coach to train them to be their best.

Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness Programs are the foundation of the resorts programs and of course focus on rest, rejuvenation and regeneration. A guest may be come with an array of physical & emotional problems:

Exhaustion, burnt out, discouragement ...;
A chronic ailment, sub health, pain, medical mysteries, structural problems;
A un-resolved emotion, depression, a persistent doubt or fear about.
The individual wellness services, especially those of the clinic will support people address these problems wholistically and through multi-modality approaches. The well-ness programs in nutrition, exercise, cleansing/detox, electrical balancing, body therapy, structural corrections all are customized to complement the individual regeneration requirements.

Programs for Specialized Wellness Problems will be designed to evolve out of the first phase of components noted above that already serve a varied spectrum of problems. Speciality programs may include:

Ideal Weight & body fat percentages
Chronic Ailments as in arthritis, diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Obsessive - Compulsive Behaviors: Overeating, Anorexia, ...
Dyslexia and other brain integration, perceptual difficulties
Stress Reduction, Sleeplessness, Anxiety

Initially this may take the form of a week stay by individuals in a group oriented program. Eventually, it could evolve into week-to-month long programs designed for personnel in a specific company resolving addiction problems. They would receive individual counseling & coaching, participate in group sessions, and workshop experiences. Specialized ropes courses and creative expression classes would complement the program of wholistic care and full potential development.

Optimum Wellness Programs forms a second tier of offerings available for guests who are:
1) contributing additional support to overcoming specific problems or
2) creating the conditions for optimum well-ness in some aspect of their life including overcoming resistances, patterns self-sabotaging behavior, double mindedness. Evaluations and Optimization program design will be available for the following areas of daily balanced living:

Nutrition Fitness, plus personalized food combination & preparation.
Physical Fitness, plus individual Rest & Exercise Requirements, body mind integration, movement
Emotional Fitness, plus emotional healing sessions and home program design

Individual and Group Programs
Customized Individual Programs
Group Participation Programs
Options for Participation - solo or in group
Pre-arrival Package Includes Video & Audio Tape, Questionnaire

Wholistic Physical Exam
Emotional Clearing & Body-Brain Integration
Exercise & Rest
Cleansing & Rejuvenation
Whole Nutrition
Body Work & Structural Correction
Electrical System & Meridian Balancing
Spiritual Alignment

Customized Prevention& Regeneration Programs
Nutritional Program;
Emotional Support Prog.;
Personality Testing & Life Purpose/Goals Programs;
Spiritual Counseling

1. Pre Arrival Tapes and Questionnaires.
2. Wholistic Physical upon arrival.
3. Customized Wellness - Prevention, Rejuvenation, & Co-Care Programs
A. Nutritional Testing & Program Design - arrival, re-testing during stay, home prog.
B. Structural Testing & Body Work Program Design -
C. Emotional Well-Being Testing & Program Design
D. Rest/Exercise Testing & Program Design (also Fitness Testing at Health Club
E. Electrical Testing & Balancing Program Design
F. Specific Ailment Co-Care Therapeutic Program Design
G. ...
Additional Counseling Programs
1) Personality Testing, Vocational Testing, Life Purpose & Goals Clarification
2) Spiritual Alignment & Empowerment Goals Counseling
3) Creativity & Leadership Orientation Testing and Counseling
4) Financial Fitness
4. Individualized Coaching (during and post retreat).

Coaching Programs
Including Post Retreat Phone Support
Nutrition, Personal Health & Well-Being Coaching
Life Purpose/Mission & Full-Potential Coaching
Leadership, (Project Develop) Entrepreneur Coaching
Premise of Coaching:
Behavior - Structure of Interpretation
Immediate Concerns
Personal History
Language Practices (that....
Products of Coaching:
Long Term Excellent Performance

Flow of Coaching
1) Opening for Coaching
2) Assessment of Potential Client's Current Situation
3) Enrollment with Intended Outcomes (Coaching Begins)
4) Design Program (Practices, Network of Support, Timeliness, Checkpoints)
5) Presentation of Programs
6) Monitoring & Coaching Conversations
7) Completion

Specialized Health Programs
Ideal Weight
Chronic Ailments: i.e. Arthritis, Diabetes...
Learning Difficulties - Dyslexia Integration
Rest, Rejuvenation & Stress Reduction


Kalos Personal & Professional Training & Development Programs
Single-minded success, uncapping creativity, full-potential and leadership actualization programs, career transitions, retooling professional skills for 21st century, economic trends & career market
Potential Titles for Naming the Business Educational Components at the Center are: L.E.A.D Institute - Leaders Entrepreneurs And Developers; Synergy Symposium - Where Vision Meets the Road; S.D.C. -Strategic Development Colloquium; Vision Into Forum; Vision - Leadership - Strategy Forum; The IDEA Forum; The IDEA Institute - A Vision

Health Club
Individual & Customized Programs
The Periodic Check-Up - "Fitness Review"
Ideal Weight & Body Contouring
Optimum Fitness Program
Physical Conditioning
Peak Performance Training

Recreation & Sports Center
Playful Sports
Swimming & Aqua-aerobics
Water Sports
Hiking & Exploration
Biking & Horseback riding
Court Sports
Shuffle-Board, Ping Pong
Aikido, Tai Chi
Body Movement

Creative Arts Center
Creative Expression Programs
Arts & Crafts,
Music & Dance
Transformational Theater

Spiritual Exploration
Meditation, Prayer,
"Sacred Dance"

Rejuvenation Spa
Youthfulness & Beauty

Nutritional Care & Resort Food Services
Gourmet Vegetarian Faire
Cleansing & Juiced Diet Preparation
Live Foods Preparation
Buffet & Dinning Rooms
Juice, Smoothie & Health Snacks Bar
Hot Health Drinks Cafe House
Table Top Games