Seminar Leader - Coord.

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    You can sponsor a Kalos Seminar in your community for your friends, profession or workplace. If you are the kind of person that loves networking, you will enjoy the interrelationships that come from Seminar sponsoring. You are paid while making a huge contribution to others.

Roles & Responsibilities, Policies, Requirements, Pre-Application

Seminar Leader Graduates, 1997

Dear Five Day Graduate and Prospective Kalos Seminar Leaders:

    Congratulations for your achievements in Health Facilitation Training. You have come a long way in moving toward your goal to be a Certified Health Facilitator. I can imagine how busy you are in sharing your new found knowledge. It is exciting to see how proficient you can be in the Kalos work within a short period of time. Please remember the work gets easier the more you practice it. Your greatest learning comes as you see clients.

    All Seminar Leader Trainers will be commissioned as ministers. Becoming a commissioned minister will require you to come to the Spiritual Weekend, have an interview with Dr. Valerie, Senior Pastor of Christ Life Fellowship on a yearly basis, and achieve 100 individual Kalos work-ups with a minimum or 25 or them overseen by Valerie. Your certificate as a Minister of Healing will allow you to practice the Kalos Health Facilitation work as a minister - this is your choice. Because we only hold this special weekend once a year, you may attend before completing all of your 100 individual work-ups. Your certificate will be held until all requirements are completed, yet will be made up and in our files waiting for you.

    Some of you showed interest in learning how to move into the Seminar Leader Training Program to be an instructor in the Kalos work. For those who are interested, I am enclosing some of the paper work to let you know the commitment required to lead seminars. We ask you to pray about this next step and only make application when you are sure that you are interested in teaching the work and in being a living example of it.

    The Kalos Seminar Leader Training Program continues your process of being a full-potential, transformation leader the day you decide to apply. When you are accepted you formally commit yourself to a powerful training that empowers you to manifest your intentions.

    The primary purpose of this training is to empower you to higher consciousness and be transformed, then to facilitate other's in their transformational process. "Being the space of the work" and "Living the process" through utilizing the process and applying the Universal Principles in your daily life is the way to success for you and others. Expressing powerfully your "Purpose for Living" and deeply experiencing your connection to the Divine is what will create you to be a great Facilitator.

    Facilitator Training is the most transformational of all trainings. You will go to the deepest levels of reprogramming. I discovered that as I taught the work I got so much more out of it, so I wanted to give others an opportunity to do the same. You will be challenged more than ever before!

The Seminar Leader Training Program includes:
    Study of the Kalos materials and exploring the recommended reading
    Practicing the Process regularly
    Participating in every Kalos seminar possible as participant or assistant
    Spiritual Empowerment Weekend
    Minister of Healing Certificate
    The Power of Speaking (4 day public speaking seminar)
    The Seminar Leader Training Intensive (9 day)
    Giving Previews and Introductory community lectures/demos
    Leading Kalos Integration Programs and Assistant Training Programs
    Practicing components of the Kalos I weekend
    Co-Facilitating Seminars until ready to teach on your own

    The Application Packet includes introductory information on being a Seminar Leader. Please read it, pray over your decision, fill in your application and forward $50 (U.S. dollars) to Kalos Institute. Please call us with any questions.
    We will read your application, pray over a decision and then if accepted send you - The Kalos Seminar Leader Training Program Commencement Packet. This will begin a round of introspective writings, goal setting, planning, and self-assessment. We look forward to supporting you in being a great Seminar Leader for individual and group transformational healing. Our intention is to facilitate you in "living the dream" and manifesting your vision.
    Thank you for taking this journey with us; we look forward to our mutual growth and our accomplishments together for "health, happiness and harmony in our world."

The Purpose of the Seminar Leader Training Intensive (The Nine Day)

    To prepare students to teach the methods and principals of the Kalos Weekend. This includes personal inner healing, which prepares you to be the space for transformation and transmutation to take place while you are leading and teaching others.

    1. To speak freely and spontaneously on the Kalos work and be able to interact with students at the core of their problem.
    2. To identify perpetrations and "overcome the Game," and to demonstrate skills in knowing and teaching the full Kalos Process and benefits involved.
    3. To express your full potential in a personal way for yourself, as well as have rapport with your students. Be an example of what Kalos represents.
    4. To create a harmonious foundation and caring attitude in which others can develop a confidence in the work.
    5. To cultivate spiritual maturity in living out of: Commitment, kindness, integrity, & contribution. This includes being a vessel for Spirit to live and love through.