Seminar Descriptions

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Short Description of Seminars

K-I Seminar - Heal The Cause
    Learn muscle response testing. Gain new insights into the deeper meaning behind any problem, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, and heal at a cellular level. Heal the child in you that has suffered pain and rejection. Remedy old hurts from the past. Create the relationships you want to work in your life. The Kalos Process is a dynamic way to uncover the inner cause of suffering and disease and take charge of your life. The truth still sets you free! Bring in your own personal project and heal it this weekend!

K-II Seminar - Creating Joyful Relationships (Intimate, family and career; K-I pre-requisite)
    Resolve dysfunctional family patterns, release old resentments, anger and judgments about your past that are affecting your relationships today. Communicate in a compassionate way.  Discover what commitment is all about. Balance your male and female energy. Learn how to identify where you are on the acclaimed “Stages of Development of the Mind” developed by Dr. Verne Wolfe and how to move to where you want to be. Open up to abundance in every area of your life. You deserve it!

K-III Seminar - Enjoy Radiant Natural Health - Healing the Body
    Practice more muscle response testing and what your body needs to be nutritionally and structurally fit. Understand how your body functions and what will keep it strong. What foods? What nutritional supplement is best? What herbs? You can resolve food allergies, organ imbalances, weight problems, as well as deal with chronic pain. Learn how to test and correct your atlas, axis, and temporal mandibular joint (TMJ). You can relieve your own pain and understand what is causing it. This Seminar is all about healing in the physical form. You deserve high energy and a healthy balanced body!

K-IV Seminar - Advanced Healing Techniques (K-I & K-III are pre-requisites)
    Learn to give a complete wholistic physical examination, using all Ten Healing Priorities. Become proficient at understanding the CAUSE of any given problem, finding its origin, then clearing underlying blocks. Connect up your electrical system, including chakra testing and balancing. Completing your understanding of The Ten Priority System will prepare you to test and correct dyslexia and learning problems, as well as many other ailments. 

K-V Seminar - Advanced Healing Techniques (A Five-Day Intensive for Health Facilitators, Above Seminars are required)
    Further develop and improve your skills as a Kalos Health Facilitator. Become proficient at uncovering and resolving the CAUSE. Acquire a deeper understanding of how your body/mind works. Apply techniques in a professional way. In-depth “Age Recession” work to peel down old programming and heal the past. You will learn the Chinese art of the “Law of the Five Elements” to quickly balance the body in a way that would amaze any Health Professional. This Seminar is a must for all those who would want to use this work professionally and highly recommended to keep yourself in optimum health.

Creative Healing Massage
    The purpose of Creative Healing Massage is to assist the body in the process of regeneration and bring it to normal function. Unblock spasms, release toxins, realign sprains, and dissipate clogged and inflamed areas. You learn to regulate the heart beat and reduce high blood pressure. Adding this to your nutritional and cleansing programs make it possible to alleviate pain and inflammation from the body in a much faster way. Over 40 treatments are given in the class. A Textbook is included. Easy to learn for beginners. Four days with no prerequisites.

Touch For Health
    A practical guide to natural health using acupuncture touch and massage to improve postural balance and reduce physical pain and tension. It was developed by Dr. John Thie and based on the work of Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor, who believed that most people’s problems could be alleviated through their own intervention if they were trained. The Touch for Health Foundation was set up to train lay people how to take care of many of their own problems. This work is excellent for lay people and professionals, as it links the connection between the organs of the body with the muscles of the body through the acupuncture meridians. 16 hours with no prerequisites.



    A seminar is followed up within a month by reconvening as a Practice Group.  It allows students to bring up application questions that have arisen since the seminar. Students bring projects to work on while practicing the seminar techniques and Kalos methodology. Sometimes bi-monthly Practice Groups are established - one evening a month for practicing K-1 and K-II and a second evening a month for practicing K-III & K-IV material.

You can get rid of your fear of public speaking and actually enjoy leading groups!