Purpose & Mission

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Our Purpose is to facilitate people to understand the laws of health, learn how to get healthy and stay healthy by uncovering the underlying cause of their problem.
Because everyone's body holds all the information at a cellular level, Muscle Response Testing (MRT) is used to uncover the hidden agendas, deep needs and patterns that go back to childhood.

You can understand why you are not well and do something about it.  You can learn the truth, discover the realities that have made you sick and heal yourself!

Be Healed - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!
Be Whole - by living a healthy, balanced full potential Life!
Be Fulfilled - by expressing your life purpose and manifesting your mission!
Be One - with God and the divine in others, through spiritual renewal!
Be Fruitful - and co-create with others a full potential Earth!


Our Mission is to support individuals to heal themselves and others; Establishing Wholeness and Spiritual Renewal:
First in our hearts; Second in our homes; Third in our schools;
Fourth in our place of work; Then in our communities.