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New information for better health will be included in the Kalos news each month.  This month it is about leafy greens and other green veggies with some cautions on over-using them.

We know that green vegetables are really healthy for us, yet when over-using certain ones on a daily basis one can disturb their mineral health.  Recently my granddaughter, Jacquelyne Price, shared with me the research that changes how I will use leafy greens in the future.  This has spurred my doing some more research on the subject. 

I have always said (as per my training of 50 years ago) to never cook spinach.  The truth is spinach should only be used in moderation when eaten raw.  It is the cooking of the spinach, as well as broccoli, chard, mustard greens, beet leaves, etc. that destroys the oxalic acid.  So if you are a person that loves to have those healthy green drinks ever day, please take notice, and only use a small amount, as otherwise you may become low in many minerals.  The problem with excessive oxalates in the body are two-fold:  first, the restriction of mineral availability, hence depriving the body of essential minerals and second, the potential to form kidney stones in susceptible individuals.

Oxalic Acid increases as food matures, so young spinach etc., is the best.  Don't misunderstand though, as oxalates are good for the body and even essential.  Our bodies make them from other substances such as vitamin C.  Oxalic Acid is found in greens of the Amaranthaceae family such as spinach, Swiss chard, beet tops, lambs quarters and amaranth, plus sorrel, parsley and rhubarb.  It imparts a sharp taste to beet greens and chard that is felt in the throat.  Other foods high in oxalates are almonds, cashews, buckwheat, un-hulled sesame seeds, tea, coffee, chocolate, textured soy protein, beets.

Low oxalate greens are lettuce, celery, chickweed, watercress, escarole, asparagus, dandelion, and the members of the brassica family or cruciferous such as kale, bokchoy, collards, mustard greens, turnip tops, cabbage and arugula.

For more information you can go to the US Department of Agriculture Nutrition Data Laboratory - Oxalic acid in vegetables, or just Google it and look up another web site.  Blessings to you!  Dr. Valerie


The ELF program is under way! No, we're not talking about a plan to unionize Santa's helpers. The ELF program is Dr. Valerie's Easy Learning Facilitation program to help those children struggling to learn, but are hampered by dyslexia in some form or another.

We're sure all you facilitators are humming along with your individual practices, seeing clients, and helping them attain optimum health through Kalos principles. You may have encountered a case or two involving dyslexia along the way, and were successful in alleviating those conditions as they came up.

Well now you can take a pro-active stance to help those who may never come to you. The ELF program is designed to be implemented as a classroom program in schools, be they public or private. It is also designed to be implemented by parents in the home as well. The program utilizes massage points and brain integration exercises to correct and maintain a balanced electrical system.

This could be a helpful addition to your Kalos health facilitation practice. Even if  a child is not coping with a dyslexia problem, it has been shown that learning becomes much easier when the electrical circuits in the body are operating at their optimum level. Holds true for adults as well. Just a simple suggestion to a parent or teacher to take a look at the ELF program may make a world of difference in a child's learning progress.

For information contact: Kalos Central Services: 800-775-2567








Lessons of a Caterpillar


A caterpillar cannot fly.

It’s natural for a butterfly.

Knowing not what it could be,

It crawls along on leaf and tree.

Thinking not of wings to come,

It eats, and then it builds a home.


And in its house to sleep it goes,

This being all it thinks it knows.

It dreams a dream each day and night,

A dream of beauty and of flight!

Oh wondrous thing, oh might it be

That one day soon, it could be free?


And on that question lies its fate.

It feels itself begin to wake.

From sleep, new life begins to stir.

The silence of its house no more

Contains its song, its will to move

Beyond the confines of its groove.


The caterpillar does not know

That someday it will change and grow

Into a creature not unlike

A bird whose days are filled with flight!

And so, my friend, you might have guessed

That you are someone just as blessed.


Much as the humble worm foretold

Whose fate it was to break the mold,

We crawl along the ground and sleep

The sleep of death, like cows and sheep.

With passions buried deep within,

Our hearts are low, our minds on end.


But who could know before we try,

That we could be a butterfly?

And would that Nature could transform

Our mind asleep, could we be born

Into another destiny?

Might we wake up and be set free?


In that same question lies our fate.

Can we not hope? Is it too late

For us to take a lesson learned,

How caterpillar ashes burned?

Is transformation not in store

For those of us who wish for more


Than just this lowly life we lead?

Can we not know Who sowed the seed

Of Love so deep that shines within

Our hearts to burst with Joy again?

Our mind takes wing to set us free,

A butterfly that we may be!


Perhaps it is that Nature writes

Upon our very inward sight,

And from our birth, there is a Plan

That undertakes to make of man

A Being Who is not unlike

A caterpillar taking flight?


A caterpillar cannot fly.

But then, you say, “No more can I!”

To you I say, “Oh, yes you will!”

If you but make your mind be still.

Go deep within yourself and dream.

And soon it will begin to seem


As though you next begin to take

On something more than you could make

Your self to be. Could there be more?

What’s this I see?   What is in store

For one like me?  This inner mind

Begins to know The Light that Shines


Away the shadows of the past

And takes the present by so fast!

And then that Light completes its task

Of letting you take off the mask

Of ‘just a man’, whose life was hell.

The Truth is yours, and all is well!


So now, my friend, as you can see,

This is The One you’re meant to be.

You’ve always been all that you need.

Now that you know, you must take heed

And crawl no more! You are The One

In whom the Light of Love is born!


To those of you whose mind is free,

To love and laugh and know that we

Are all alike in this one thing,

I say to you that now you bring

The Light to earth and sing this song

To all who’ve been asleep so long.


Written by Amy Swenson

©May 9, 2004

Times are changing and so are we.  Now we have kalos III Seminars, as well as Kalos I Seminars on Power Point.  We truly appreciate all the work of Julie Grisham and John Allman who gave us a jump start on getting this done.

Another big thanks to Joe Jenks (Julie's husband) for all his assistance with our computers, technology and warm encouragements.  He has been a wonderful help in keeping things working.

If you haven't looked at the following, check it out now!


Valerie has added much information to the KIN Section from her latest book on the ABC's of Health.  You will find it a marvelous reference book giving you her personal information on all types of diseases along with scientific descriptions of those ailments with their possible causes, emotional involvements, and common priorities using the Kalos 10 Priority System. 

Support meetings are being held in various areas:

Los Gatos, California: Joan Miller: 408-866-0295

Near Minneapolis, Minnesota: Laura Robideau: