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Principles and Practices for Creating Health

Transformational Healing Series, Vol. I
                       By Valerie Seeman Moreton, N.D.
"This book is a must for those committed to taking responsibility for their health and happiness!"

Learn how Valerie's self-healing techniques pierce through surface symptoms and expose the cause. She presents a comprehensive approach to resolving all types of conditions, to support healing the body, renewing the mind, and living in the in the spirit.
"What power in knowing that the mind/body creates disease, and the mind/body/spirit connection can heal disease. This book can set you free from physical and emotional ailments to live a life full of gratitude, peace and joy."
        - Jane Nelson, Ed.D. Author, Understanding, Positive Discipline

"This effective holistic approach helps me to understand the mechanism of the cause behind the cause and get results. The human computer with its mental, emotional, an spiritual functions is presented here with love and sensitivity."
        - Yvon Lapierre D.C.,N.D. P.Q. Canada

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Some Book Review Comments
      Valerie's worked with medical doctors, studied nutrition and herbology, and believes "in every case of chronic illness I find unresolved emotions perpetuating the problem.'' You really don't have to suffer: you can be in charge of your healing process. Illness may be your body shouting at you! And watch out for that comfort zone "that can keep us from stepping outside to look at some other point of view."

      "A big, important chapter on Uncovering Your Hidden Agenda. The strange, almost inevitable way we got programmed -- watch out for that comfort zone! The fear of becoming uncomfortable becomes our (strange) prime directive. So we have to be over polite. Over-calm. Over protective of our feelings. A happy life? You have to experiment, understand, surrender to spirit. "When I live from a spiritual source, I am grateful for every experience, knowing that a benefit is about to appear!" Every negative emotion has a perpetration attached."

      "Moreton is a dynamic healer. She doesn't just spout words, watch them bloom, and sigh contentedly. She grabs you by the scruff of your delusions and shakes a life into you. She peek-a-boos your hurts, poo-poos your comforts, and rouses you into a grander creation. She's her own vibrant Course of Miracles."

      "It inaugurates a new era of integrating complementary healing modalities for tracing problems to their cause, then having the body/mind identify the priorities for an effective healing strategy. Learn how Valerie's self-healing techniques pierce through surface symptoms and expose the cause. She presents a comprehensive approach to resolving all types of conditions to support healing the body, renewing the mind, and living in the spirit."

      "There is only one problem: our need to be comfortable. This is bottom-line programming based upon a false purpose for living. We can renew our mind to support our joy and stop resisting discomfort by choice." Heady words from Dr. Moreton, a graduate of the International College of Naturopathy, who's been practicing wholistic healing and has been training for over twenty years."

"How silly to treat the symptom without treating the cause!" - Valerie Moreton, N.D.

Table of Contents
Kalos Transformational Healing, Book One
    Chapter One.......Stop! You Don't Have to Suffer
    Chapter Two......You Can Get to the Source of Your Problem
    Chapter Three....How Your Mind Affects Your Health
    Chapter Four......Uncovering Your Hidden Agenda
    Chapter Five......Your Attitude Is Showing!
    Chapter Six........Why You Act the Way You Do! (The Seven Basic Decisions
                              of the Mind)
    Chapter Seven....The Vicious Cycle
    Chapter Eight.....Renewing Your Mind
    Chapter Nine......Making a Beautiful Garden of Your Life (By Weeding out
                              the Three C's)
    Chapter Ten........Playing the Perpetration Game!
    Chapter Eleven...Spiritual Awakening Needed in Our World Today
    Chapter Twelve...Lighten up and Be Happy!
    Conclusion..........Be Healed! And Stay Well!
    Epilogue .............The next Step

The chapters listed above for the first book present the foundation of Transformational Healing. The second book in the series, described on the next screens, presents the Methods of Healing the Cause and Supporting Our Goals for Being Our Full-Potential. Both books are utilized in the first two Kalos Seminars - Kalos I - Heal the Cause, Kalos II - Creating Joyful Relationships.

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