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Dear Viewer:
    We invite you to foresee the possibilities of Kalos fulfilling its part in facilitating global "Health, Happiness, and Harmony." Our commitment is to develop, utilize and share successful methods for transforming our lives, our communities and institutions. Our intention is to support others to express their full potential in their highest possible purpose, and manifest shared visions.

    As you read this, we invite you to conceive of what role you may play in supporting the "envisioning a transformed world." We entreat you to take this next step with us in building an accomplished organization committed to people's full potential - body, mind, and spirit.
    Is there part of these visions that you choose to commit your skills, time and resources to manifesting? Join us in the personal fulfillment, shared vision, and mutual contribution that come from co-creating the Kalos Mission. Possibly there is a mission/vision you have that Kalos might be a co-creator.

Manifesting Your Personal Mission Allied with Kalos
Kalos Health Facilitation offers the opportunity for you to heal yourself and also support others to heal themselves.
Carrying out your mission in the world will support the whole, while expressing your special gifts and talents as an empowered leader will manifest your unique purpose.
Co-creating in fellowship with others on a shared vision allows the spirit of contribution to bring fulfillment to our lives individually and collectively.
Spiritual Living reminds us that we are a vehicle for the Spirit to work through.  By surrendering every aspect of our lives and integrating spiritual principles, we are blessed with JOY - the most healing energy in the Universe

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