Minister Of Healing

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"Sing a joyful song unto the Lord" at the Spiritual Empowerment Weekend

    Kalos Seminars functions under Kalos Ministries, a not-for-profit, state and federal tax exempt church entity. We have always said that the Kalos Process was based upon spiritual principles. We have moved into what we believe is the proper representation of the Kalos work - a ministry. Those who are interested in functioning under a ministry are invited to be credentialed as a “Minister of Healing” providing they have completed Kalos I - V and fulfill the following requirements.

Becoming a Minister of Healing requires (besides completion of KI-KV seminars ):
    attendance at the Spiritual Empowerment Weekend (see flier on next screen);
    an interview with Valerie Moreton, N.D., Senior Minister of Kalos Ministries (annually);
    achieve 100 individual Kalos work-ups with a minimum of 25 of them overseen by Valerie.

    Your certificate as a Minister of Healing will allow you to practice the Kalos Health Facilitation work as a minister. This is not mandatory to becoming certified as a Kalos Health Facilitator, this is your choice. Because we only hold this special weekend once a year, you may attend before completing all of your 100 individual work-ups. Your certificate will be held until all requirements are completed, yet will be made up and in our files waiting for you.

Awakening to Spirituality - Spiritual Empowerment Weekend

“The time of religion has gone and a time for spirituality has arrived.” - Ghandi
Religion is a set of beliefs, Spirituality is an experience. Do they match?

bulletHigh Energy
bulletInner Satisfaction
bulletPeace of Mind
bulletYouthfulness & Joy
bulletKalosophy (The Third Level Teachings)

        Come and fill up on Spiritual food, including the basic philosophy
           behind Kalos Ministries.

Identification & Clearing of Subconscious Blocks to Spiritual Alignment and Empowerment. Healing of Religious Memories and Other Resistance to Our Divine Purpose Being Present and Available, Being Called and Anointed

Introspection & Inspiration
Celebration in Music
Meditation & Contemplation
Love and Laughter
A Wonderful Fellowship on the Journey

Level 1 - The Law
Level 2 - Miracles & Grace
Level 3 - Come and find Out!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience" - Teilhard de Chardin

Note: A Kalos-1 Seminar is a required prerequisite. This seminar is required for graduates of Kalos-1 through Kalos-V who are in the certification program for Minister of Healing.

The cost  for this Seminar varies, but will be posted as each new Seminar is listed. It includes, textbook, Certificate for “Minister of Healing,” an interview with Valerie with individual coaching and support.