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For An Integrative, Complementary and Whole-Being Approach

Kalos Transformational Healing

Please see note at the bottom of this page.

Dear Graduate:
    Valerie has completed most of the updates of the Ailment Balancing Charts.  I think you will find them very helpful in understanding most diseases, how the body functions and what to do about it.  She has gone to great lengths in sharing her experiences with these various ailments and the common underlying causes of each of them.     Eventually, the work will be published.  We would like to add transcriptions of topical lectures and answers to questions students have asked in class or on this web-site. In this way you would have as much of Valerie's experience, that has been transcribed, as possible on individual ailments.

Purpose of ABC's
The purpose of these charts is to create a handy reference tool for Health Facilitators to use when testing a client. A little background on the ailment and it's common causes is helpful to get someone's experience who has been in this field for over thirty years. The most common of the The ten priorities provides hints on what are possible healing methods most successfully used.

Format for Ailment Balancing Charts -
Major Cause/s of Weakness
Related Emotions
Common Priorities:
  Cleanse and Detoxification

The list of ailments are titled on the left of this page.  Just click on any ailment you want to explore.  May you feel free to make suggestions and ask questions for more information using our sign-in form or send to Valerie at

The menu for the ABC's is temporarily unavailable. However, any ailment you wish to view can be accessed by clicking here.  When the search option appears, type in the ailment you want to see and it will give you a number of pages for that ailment. I know it's a slight inconvenience, and if you have any trouble locating a particular ailment page, call me (Stan) at the Kalos number:800-775-2567.