Kalos Organization

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Helping Facilitate The Inevitability Of A Heavenly Earth
This is the umbrella fellowship from which all our hopes and aspirations proceed. We do all things in the name of God, whom we individually define, commune with, serve and express.

Facilitating Your Full Potential - Body, Mind, and Spirit
Research and Development; Resourcing Leaders and Certifying Facilitators In:
Transformational Healing; Manifesting & Co-creating; Spiritual Living. This is the home office, which has served as an international, residential training and internship center. In order to reach more people the emphasis has shifted from a training center students can visit to editing the next round of manuals, workbooks and training tapes, which can visit participants."

Creating Health, Happiness, and Harmony in Our World
Educating and Training Students Through Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Courses in: Transformational Healing, Living out of our Full Potential, and Manifesting our Vision, Leadership, Business and Organizational Transformation, Co-creating a Heaven-Like-Earth, Experiencing and Expressing divinity in and around us. Kalos Seminars has been the field training agency which in conjunction with local Kalos participants coordinates seminars away from the home office. It also trains Kalos Seminar Leaders to facilitate the seminars throughout the U.S. and in parts of the world.

Envisioning a Transformed World
Publishing, Disseminating, and promoting educational materials for: Leaders, professionals, public interest advocates and global citizens; through, -
    Introductory Books, Text Books, Manuals, Work Books, Reference Books,
    Training Notebooks, Seminar Packets, Newsletters, Journals, Catalogs;
    making accessible, -
    theories and models, tools and techniques for transforming ourselves and our world.

Audio Visual Tools To Transform Ourselves and Our World
Cassette, Disk, and Video Introductory Educational and Training Series
Interactive Computer Exploratory - Educational - Reference Programs & CD-Rom Disks
Multi-media Presentations, Radio & T.V. and local cable programming.
This component of Kalos is our secondary development focus. As training videos and practice audio tapes are produced we intend to be able to offer more local learning: in-home, clinic, church, spa...

The following two aspects of Kalos Ministries are our vision for seminar and training graduates who see these as part of their mission. They are not "under" the ministry but part of the extended family of shared dreams. The Vision pages in the following screens will present more about these dreams.

Visionary Enterprises Serving Communities - Under construction
(Members manifesting their mission as part of the collective Kalos Vision)
Optimum Well-Being Centers - clinic, training, community programs
Regional Retreat Centers - Conference Center, Rejuvenation Spa, Institute
Transformational Travel Agency - Journeys into self, cultures, religions, nature, & adventures
Live Food Restaurants - Health Cafe & Bookstore, Health Facilitation Remedies Store

Sourcing Social Transformation
(Members co-creating with others institutional and community visionary experiments)
Model educational & health systems, prototype community development projects