K5-Health Facilitation

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Kalos V: Health Facilitation Training

(K-I through K-IV Prerequisites)

    The goals of the Five Day Intensive is to prepare students to improve their skills as Health Facilitators. Professionalize their work with clients, improve their ability to uncover and facilitate their resolving the cause. K-V will give you a deeper understanding of how your body/mind works and prepare you to apply these techniques in a professional way. You will uncover deeper physical and emotional patterns at a cellular level through the "Age Recession" work. By correcting the body at key ages, you will be able to identify your life patterns; reinforce the body's ability to heal; clear your body of negative emotional blocks and support others to do the same.

    You will learn to take charge of your health and life more proficiently and to work with others in a professional way by:

bulletLearning to do a complete Wholistic Physical Examination, including one-on-one communication; setting up a health practice; taking a detailed history and establishing a fee.
bulletTracing individual problems to their source and resolving them. Facilitating your client-students to recognize, drawing their own conclusions, as well as determining where they are to begin and end the process.
bulletLearning a rapid method to transfer energy within the body to relieve pain and discomfort and break up muscle spasms. This Chinese art is called: "The Law of the Five Elements."
bulletFocusing in on individual problems, using Valerie's storehouse of information for rapid healing, as well as creative healing modalities.


Heal your body! Free your mind!
Professionalize your work with clients!
Expand your healing art as a Health Facilitator!

    Facilitator Training is the most transforming of all our training. You will be going to the deepest levels of programming. It is amazing what comes up as you share the work before a camera and the group. Your commitment to well being and this work will expand and multiply into new magnificent new possibilities for your Life.

    Discovering how much more I learned through teaching this work than I ever did through personal studies, I wanted a network of people to be able to do the same. You will grow more than you ever have before. You will be challenged more than ever before. You will have to dig down deeper into what you think you "know" more than ever before. A Facilitator Trainer must be able to use double awareness to assist others to discover the perpetrations that run their life and get in the way of total health and happiness.