K3&4-Healing The Body

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Great People, Learning a Great Work, to be of Grateful Service


    Only by healing the cause of a problem does it stay healed. Kalos III and IV Seminars focus on healing and understanding the body and the body’s communication system in the learning and functioning process. You will be amazed at how well you can obtain information from your body at a cellular level. You learn the latest techniques to read and balance the body. You learn how to determine what the body needs in the way of nutrients, exercise, rest, structural and electrical balance, emotional clearing, and in what order it needs it. You will gain an incredible ability to communicate with your body, reaching deeper levels of releasing stress at a cellular level which gives lasting results. You will gain new life enhancing, life saving skills in body/brain integration work. By using Muscle response testing you can become a master tracing a problem to its cause and diffusing it at that level - taking charge of your own well being.

Kalos III: Heal the Body

(No Pre-requisites)


C.E.U.'s for Nurses and Psyc. Techs. are available for each Kalos Seminar

    You can become a master at taking charge of your health and well being.
          You will learn to test and correct the body at a cellular level for permanent results.

Learn to Test and Correct:

bulletVitamin and Mineral Requirements    
bulletOrgan Balance, Including Digestion    
bulletHormone Balance    
bulletBlood Sugar Balance    
bulletElectrical Circuit Balance    
bulletFood Allergies    
bulletImmune System Deficiency    
bulletVirus, Fungus, Candida    
bulletThe Body Structure: Atlas, Axis, Hiatal Hernia, Ileocecal Valve, Cranial Faults,
    Fixations in the Spine, Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ)

Would you like to get rid of the fear of any illness?

Would you like to be "at home" with your body by understanding how to care for it in a masterful way?

K-III Workbook - Table of Contents

Muscle Response Testing (MRT)
Circuit Balancing (Diagram)
Muscle Response Testing Check Off List
Testing The Body For Deficiencies
Deficiency Testing Diagram
Deficiency Testing Chart (2 Duplicate Forms)
Using The Deficiency Testing Chart One Item at a Time
Organ And Meridian Colors
Deficiency Testing Remedy Chart (Green Sheets)
Priorities (Diagram)
Priorities Chart (2 Forms)
Structural Priority Balancing (Diagrams)
General Healthy Diet
Natural Eating Guide
Meeting Your Protein Requirement Without Meat
Correct Food Combining
Foods to Change And Balance The Ph's
Food Testing Chart (2 Forms)
Cleansing And Detoxification Program
General Cleanse
Candidiasis - Cause, Symptoms And Control
Candida Food Testing Chart (2 Forms)
Lymphatic Cleanse
Colon Cleanse
Meridian Over Energy Emotional Testing

Kalos IV: Advanced Healing Techniques

(Kalos I and Kalos III are Pre-requisites)

    Resolve mild to serious problems through learning The Ten Priority System . Become proficient at tracing any problem to its cause. Learn to give a complete wholistic physical examination using all ten healing priorities. You have already learned the first five priorities from Kalos I and K-III. Now we add the other five priorities to complete the system. The following are the Ten Priorities taught through Kalos:

1. Structural
2. Exercise/rest
3. Nutritional
4. Detoxification
5. Emotional clearing
6. Bach Flower Remedies
7. Electrical circuitry
8. Chakra system (17)
9. Reactives - (Right and left brain function in relation to muscles)
10. Spiritual

    In this weekend you can become proficient at understanding the cause of any given problem:

    A. Tracing it to when and how it began
    B. Clearing the underlying blocks with Open and Close Eyed Kalos processing
    C. Brain integration work for dyslexia and learning dysfunctions will be a focus,
         including a dyslexia examination and corrections

    Your colleagues in the wholistic health professions are excitedly integrating these highly successful applications in their practice: N.D., D.O., D.C., M.D., L.V.N, R.N., P.T., M.T., Dr. Oriental medicine, therapists and counselors. Kalos IV integrates advanced diagnostic and healing modalities. You can keep your body in top condition by under-standing how to put it in balance and keep it there. You can support those who are your patients to do the same.

"The world that we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level at which we created them." - Albert Einstein

K-IV Workbook - Table of Contents
Emotional Points
The Kalos Process
Kalos Maturing up Mini Process
Closed Eyed Process
A Self Help Guide to The Bach Flower Remedies
Electrical Priority Balancing
Energy Centers System (Chakras)
Spiritual Priority
Reactive Priority
Rate Analysis Chart (2 Forms)
Dyslexia Examination (2 Forms)