K2-Joyful Relationships

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Kalos II: Creating Joyful Relationships

Students in a San Jose, CA Seminar

    Kalos II is achievement oriented - reaching our goals - learning what commitment is all about! This course focuses on clearing deeper levels of emotional blocks and subconscious saboteurs that limit success in all the vital areas of relationships, such as with our family, friends, spouses, career, money and prosperity. The same underlying programming can interfere with a joyful life. Your conscious and subconscious mind must be aligned to reach your goals. Your age capacity to achievement may be that of age six. Would you like to know? How old is your capacity to be in an intimate loving relationship? You can go back in time and heal the past, forgive what needs forgiving and go on with your life. Only you can heal your past, so you can get on with a successful future.

In order to enhance your abilities to relate more skillfully, you will be taught to:

bulletOvercome your personal and family dysfunctional patterns. Others in your family can be affected by
    your healing process! Resolve dysfunctional generational patterns.
bulletAlign Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind, get 'Single Minded' about Relationship.
    Integrate Thoughts and Feelings (Right & Left Brain) To Support Successful relationships.
bulletIdentify and harmonize your male and female energies. Heal Sexual Problems.
bulletCommunicate clearly and dynamically!
bulletExperience broader levels of inner-healing through understanding each perpetration in your life.
    (Perpetration is something you think is true, that isn't, or something you think you must do
    that you don't.)
    Learn to "walk" your life through the “Stages of Development of the Mind”
    and discover how to transform your relationships at home and work.
    Let your mind be your servant, not your Master!
bulletResolve Business or Career Relationship Issues

What do you want in your life one year from now?
What is getting in the way of achieving your goal?

    Insight into your subconscious mind and "inner truth" (spirit). Clear out problems in relationships, money matters, and personal sexuality. If you are open to deeper levels of awareness in these areas of your life, and want to create dynamic, loving relationships, you will want to attend this workshop.

    Unresolved issues with parents are reflected in other relationships: Our mate, siblings and children. There may even be parallel problems with our response to the inner male/female and in turn to our perception of God. After we have cleared the problems from our past and the subconscious resistance to a happy, healthy, successful life, we are more prepared for being in full potential relationships and into achieving our goals.

"Most of the time we can't communicate: We just take turns talking."

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