K1-Heal The Cause

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Kalos I: Healing the Cause

An Experiential Self Healing Seminar for learning Inner Healing Techniques to heal emotional blocks and psychological patterns. You can "Transform Your Life by the Renewing of Your Mind." Discover that all information for total health is in your body. Learn how to access it now! In this course you will learn the basic skills of Muscle Response Testing (MRT). Using MRT as an accurate, verifiable, non-intrusive testing technique, you will learn to:

bulletAlign your mind (thoughts and feelings) concerning the major issues of your life to achieve your goals.
bulletIdentify and release emotional blocks that restrict your joy and effectiveness in relationships.
bulletClarify and Fulfill Your Life Purpose!
bulletGain new insights into the deeper cause of disease, dispel fear, and learn to be in charge of your health!

Heal Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually
Heal the Little Child in You
Heal Unwanted Family Patterns
Resolve Blocks in Your Subconscious Mind To Speed up Healing
Learn How the Mind Works and Utilize itís Power
Release Your Ability to Give and Receive Love

    K-I stresses the ongoing theme of Kalos: that in order to address the cause of any problem, we must focus on the person, instead of the problem. Only in this way can we progress from dealing with isolated symptoms to healing our Lives!


The Kalos Weekend Focuses on Releasing Blocks in the Subconscious Mind That Get in the Way of Successfully Being Healed Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.


    What is the original cause of such specific problems as disease and stress, addictions and behavioral compulsions, self-doubt and fear, lack of professional success and debt? AND what is getting in the way of their resolution? Throughout the weekend you get inside information on when the problem began, why, who and what emotions were involved. You release subconscious emotional blocks to resolution which speeds up the process of healing. Learn to get your mind and feelings in agreement and experience the power of your full potential. Break through the limitations of your health, your career, your interpersonal relationships to bring about the clearing of conflicts thus creating peace and joy in your life.
    You will be empowered with proven methods that you will continue to use at home: Applied Kinesiology, Behavioral Kinesiology, The Kalos Emotional Clearing Process, Double Mind Testing and correcting and how to trace problems to their cause.

"You can only have two things in Life - Reasons or Results. Reasons don't count."

"... It was all FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, full of LOVE and I cherished every moment. I am so fulfilled and grateful for the privilege of attending this seminar. My life has already changed for the good and I KNOW it will continue on and on. I love you all from a deep place in my heart!" Sue Wisener

K1 Graduates in Melbourne, Australia

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