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      Man-made radiation has increased alarmingly in the last fifty years. Modern electrical and electronic technologies have created ever present sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as television, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, X-rays, computers and many other electrical devices. While living in this ocean of energy pulsations, most assume that our bodies are not harmfully affected.
      However, there is growing concern over what is being called ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION. In a global sense, we are literally saturating our planet with high frequency transmissions from radio, radar, television and high voltage power lines. Also, our homes, cars, offices and factories are filled with electrical machines that generate radiation at smaller wattage but much closer range.


      For the first time in the history of the human race, mankind is living in an entirely new element in his environment. Intense animal research has convinced many that there is a time bomb ticking away. The human body is a complex chemical laboratory that works through intricate communications far beyond what we call our nervous system. On the cellular level extremely tiny electromagnetic currents exist and appear to be very sensitive to interference by outside radiation. Growing evidence indicates that an electromagnetic balance or polarity in the body's energy field is essential for optimum physical and mental health.
      Research was conducted by the renowned Dr. John Ott, the inventor of time lapse photography, the full spectrum fluorescent light, and other inventions. He had a laboratory examine the blood of a person before and after walking through a basic office with the electrical equipment turned on. Much to everyone's surprise, the blood platelets were affected adversely by the radiation from the common office equipment. Further research is in the making.
      I have found consistently that just sitting in front of a television set or a computer monitor will weaken every muscle in your body. There is a growing number of scientists who are uncovering some startling statistics and warning mankind that we have introduced into our environment some strange and mysterious energy fields that could have far reaching effects upon our health. "The Menace of Electric Smog," (Reader's Digest, Jan. 1980); "The Invisible Threat: The Stifled Story of Electric Waves;" (Saturday Review, Sept. 15, 1979); "Electromagnetic Interference - Hazardous to Health," (Science Digest, Apr. 1980), plus many other studies reported in scientific journals document the data in great detail.


      Obviously our world is not going to stop using electronics, so most cries of alarm have either been ignored or ridiculed. Up until now, few practical answers to the growing dilemma have been proposed. However, a simple device called the Energy Enhancer offers a bright ray of encouragement in dealing with the problem. By using some of nature's own methods for balancing our energy field, this little instrument needs no electric current, has no moving parts and cannot wear out. The cost is small ($12/$18) and the benefit is high.
      You can increase the amount of organic iron in your diet through the use of green leafy vegetables, especially parsley, kale, spinach and chard; Irish moss; prunes; raisins, black cherries, kelp and molasses. Iron increases your body's ability to maintain its electrical balance. Also higher doses of B-complex will raise immunity & assist you to resist the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Supplemental iron may be recommended where radiation exposure is high.


The growing problem with electromagnetic radiation has increased dramatically. There is a global concern that close range radiation from electrical equipment in our homes, cars, offices and factories is a hazard to our health. Modern electronic technologies have created ever present sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as televisions, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, computers, X-rays and many other devices. We are literally saturating our planet with high frequency transmissions from, radar, radio, television and high voltage power lines. The New York Times has recently published an article stating: "Millions of pounds of highly radioactive reactor fuel have been sitting in Energy Department storage pools for so long that they are breaking down and spreading radioactivity, . . ."
Invisible pollution is interfering with our immune system and causing fatigue like we have never experienced before. In my many years of research, I have found the importance of protecting ourselves from this hazard. Along with using a protection device, as the Energy Enhancer described in the booklet mentioned below, you can increase your intake of iron. I have found iron to be the most important substance in protecting our electromagnetic field internally and externally. Eat more raw and cooked green leafy vegetables for iron. Green drinks taste great and are nourishing. Place fresh chard, kale, parsley or whatever greens are available in a blender and liquify with pineapple or apple juice. You can eat more prunes, raisins, black cherries, kelp, irish moss, and other foods rich in iron. Synthetic inorganic forms of iron are too difficult to digest and be assimilated by the body. You can send for my booklet

"How to Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Radiation" ($1.95), by Valerie C. Seeman N.D, listed in our enclosed catalogue for further information. You can receive a free booklet with the purchase of two or more Energy Enhancers upon request. Please Click Here to Order