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Health Facilitation

What is it?
A Kalos Health Facilitator is a wholistic educator who takes responsibility for their own health and facilitates others to heal themselves through potent, yet non-threatening methods. They exemplify a balanced meaningful life committed to optimum health, harmonious relationships, caring creative action, and manifesting their divine purpose in our world. 

To get certified in becoming a Kalos Health Facilitator requires 1,000 hours of class time, assistance at classes and studying approved materials to pass all examinations.  Studies in anatomy, physiology as well as all the Kalos classes are required for certification.  Some credits are given for other approved classes.  Dr. Valerie oversees the first 25 Kalos Health work-ups to make sure the methods are utilized properly and that the expected results are obtained.  She encourages many repeat sessions observing her as well and is committed to support all graduates to become proficient in the Kalos work..

Where does it come from?
The Kalos Health Facilitation Program comes from a wide background of proven methods of natural healing. Using Applied Kinesiology, which is an off-shoot of acupuncture, you are able to identify physical and emotional blocks in your body that get in the way of the natural healing process. Kalos uses nutrition, cleansing, structural corrections, exercise, electrical balancing, emotional clearing, and many other modalities. The founder, Valerie Seeman Gersch, N.D., graduated from the International College of Naturopathy and has studied with the leading natural healing experts of this century. She has an amazing ability to look deep inside and understand "how the body/mind works."

Dr. Val developed the process of how to trace any problem to its cause and co-created a process to reprogram the subconscious mind. She claims the body heals itself by conforming to natural and super natural (spiritual) laws. She brings over 40 years of successful dedicated experience to the field of wholistic healing.

How is it different from traditional healing arts?
What makes Kalos so different from the traditional healing arts is that the major focus is to understand and eliminate the underlying CAUSE of the problem, as well as be able to determine problems before they arise. This is possible through Muscle Response Testing (MRT). The electrical field of the body contains every bit of information that the body has ever experienced. Therefore, not only can the body determine what is going on, but also when it began and what the body needs in order to complete the healing process. Traditional medicine generally does not know what the cause of the problem is; therefore, they do not educate, but "treat" the symptomatic after affects. This is why people develop the same or similar problems over again. A Kalos Health Facilitator understands the physical, mental and spiritual laws that promote health and keep us well!


Kalos phone: (800) 775-2567