Heal The Cause

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Creating Wellness - Body, Mind, & Spirit

A Guide Book to Healing the Cause and Renewing Your Core Programming

Descriptive Overview
This guidebook gives you insight into the laws that govern your health and your life. Through insight and wisdom you can discover the truth to set yourself free. Finally a book to get to the bottom of your problem. You can uncover the underlying cause of your complaint with simple easy-to-use methods taught in this text. Over 400 pages to support you to understand and do something about your problem.

bulletWhat Is the Cause and How Do I Find It? Is it physical, mental/emotional or spiritual?
bulletUnderstand the Three Components of Transformational Healing!
bulletLearn the Four Major Areas That Affect Your Wellness!
bulletLearn the Techniques to Uncover the Cause Through Muscle Response Testing!
bulletStudy our Step by Step Guide Through the Kalos Process!
bullet"Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free!"
bulletRenew Your Mind Through Universal Principles, so you won't reprogram the old patterns back again!

From The Book Jacket
"I Found Kalos to be a way for the body to contact its innate healing powers. It works on three levels: body, mind and spirit. It is a toolkit of techniques that bring dramatic changes into your life." Joseph D. Lowe, City Mayor

"Over the course of nine months I have attended two Kalos Seminars and several Kalos Health Facilitation Sessions. I have identified and cleared significant physical (pain), emotional and spiritual blocks, thereby allowing my development into the person I've always wanted to be... I highly recommend the Kalos methods for the serious student of self-improvement." James W. Kellenberger, Attorney at Law

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 The Table of Contents

Section I - What Is the Cause and Where Do I Find It?
      Understanding the Cause - Natural Laws Govern the Healing Process -
      Body, Mind and Spirit.
One    Laws, Precepts and Principles - Three Components of Transformational Healing
Two    Aligning with Natural Physical Laws
Three  Mental Precepts - The Natural Functioning of the Mind
Four    Spiritual Principles! The Role of Faith, Grace, and Spiritual Authority
           in the Healing Process
Five    The Wheel of Health - Four Ways to Affect Your Health

Section II - How Do I Uncover the Cause?
           Learning Techniques to Uncover the Cause
           through Muscle Response Testing (MRT).
Six      Your Bio-Electric Computer
Seven  How to Access Your Bio-Computer Through MRT
Eight    Finding Trapped Emotions to Heal the Cause!
Nine     Understanding & Testing for Emotional Dyslexia
Ten      Aligning the Double Mind for Success

Section III - How Do I Resolve the Cause?
                Integrating Principles with Techniques.
                A Step by Step Guide to Heal the Cause Through the Kalos Process.
Eleven      Preparing for the Kalos Process
Twelve     Pretesting and the Kalos Open Eyed Process
Thirteen   The Kalos Closed Eyed Process
Fourteen  The Maturing-Up Process
Fifteen     Overcoming Interferences
Sixteen     Sample Processes - The Kalos Process - An Outline of Its Components

Section IV - Being at Cause?
                   Renewing the Mind Through Universal Principles and Choosing to Be at Cause.
Seventeen    Axioms for Wellness
What is a Health Facilitator?

Glossary - Renewing our Language Index

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