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Renewing Our Language

Dear Reader:
        This glossary has been included to assist in making distinction in words that describe aspects of the human condition and the transformational process. I am including words and phrases in this glossary to describe the distinctions from the usual way these terms have been used, to the way I am using them in this text. Some of the "new language" used herein has come from observing how we actually experience a situation, rather than the way we have been told it is. May the following expressions support your complete understanding and application of this work. Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary (W.E.D.) is the source used for certain descriptions.

As you read the various text on these sites please refer to the dictionary...


    Access - To uncover information at a cellular level, usually through the use of Muscle Response Testing (MRT).

    Acting out - (Penguin) 1. A rather irrational impulsive display (i.e. childish outburst). 2. The display of feeling and emotion which has previously been inhibited. 3. A copying style in which the individual deal with conflict or stress by actions rather than by reflections or feelings.

    Acupuncture - Chinese medical practice where needles are used to release pain or congestion in the body by way of acupuncture meridians located throughout the body.

    Acupuncture meridians - Free-flowing colorless, non-cellular liquid which flows through independent vessels connecting the organs and muscles of the body. These vessels are considered a part of the body's electrical system and
disintegrate upon death.

    Affirmation - The assertion that something exists or is true. The act of affirming; not a declaration, which is the stating of a proclamation into being.

    Agape - A Greek word meaning unconditional love, commonly referred to as "Godly love."

    Age of Decision - The age when a decision is made with a perpetration attached, having consequences of preventing further maturity in that area. Alignment - To connect, bring into harmony and balance.

    Aliveness - A life filled with enthusiasm and purpose.

    Applied Kinesiology - Kinesiology is the science dealing with the interrelationship of the physiological processes and anatomy of the human body with respect to motion; such as muscle movement in relationship to Muscle Response Testing. Applied refers to having a practical application of the information accessed. Therefore, Applied Kinesiology is the use of muscle movement, through MRT, to gain specific knowledge from the cells of the body.

    Allopathy - Familiar Western medical treatment using drugs and/or surgery to preserve health or help the body recover from a disease, using agents producing effects different from those of the disease; as opposed to homeopathy which uses agents producing the same symptoms of the disease in a well person.

    Attitude - The disposition of the mind, based upon deep feelings, tendencies or orientation. With feelings being dependent upon thoughts, a change in thinking affects the attitude. The clearer you see reality, the more positive the attitude becomes. See Prime Attitude Game.

    Aura - An atmosphere like, electromagnetic field that emanates from a person, plant, animal or object.

    Baptism of Fire - A spiritual purification process where one experiences a burning throughout one's body, combined with the experience of complete forgiveness, inner purity, joy, and unconditional, nonjudgmental love.

    Being there - Attentive listening and compassionately interacting with someone when you are with them, as opposed to allowing the mind to wander and think about other things.

    Bio-electrical computer - The brain and mind working together with the body's entire electrical and nervous system. With the body and brain being the hardware, the mind being the software of our bio-electrical computer to create the synergistic functioning of our body.

    Blamer - 1. To place the responsibility for (a fault, error, etc.) On a person. 2. To find fault with; censure, reproach, reprove, reprehend, criticize

    Brain Integration - (see Left/Right Brain Alignment)

    Cellular level - Referring to a microscopic physical and mental level of information, based upon the assumption that every cell has all of the information of the whole body. MRT is used to access information from this level at any age of our lives from the day we were born, even in the womb.

    Chakras - Energy centers located along the spinal column, above the head and below the feet. The five above the head connect to the five below the feet, making a capsule of energy around our bodies, which is adversely affected by electromagnetic radiation and emotional stress. Chakras connect to the acupuncture meridians that flow through our bodies to feed energy to the organs and muscles.

    Chiropractic - A theraputic system based upon the premise that disease is caused by interference with nerve function, the method being to restore normal condition by adjusting the segments of the spinal column. (W.E.D.)

    Choice - Choice happens when there is "no need." When you say you needed to do something, just remember that you have given away your choice to choose; so in a fashion, you have chosen to be a victim of your mind.

    Collusion - A secret (subconscious) understanding between two people prejudicial to another. Thus you listen not for the objective truth, but for your own reasons to agree with someone else about their opinions of a third person. You can empathize with their experience, while not advocating this as the only vantage point for truth.

    Context - What influences the meaning or affects the set of circumstances that surround a particular event, situation, etc. The content is the situations and circumstances of your life and the context is how you hold (interpret & experience) the content.

    Compensation - When a decision has been made, such as "I am not loved," the mind must compensate for that belief by doing all it can to be loved and prove it false.

    Complaining - A way of blaming that appears to be positive, which always has a negative effect. Complaining is not a way to get what you want. Instead, it is a way to avoid expressing feelings and wants, which requires commitment and responsibility.

    Compassion - A deep feeling of caring that understands clearly through experiencing a person's thoughts and feelings and with an ability to walk in their shoes. The ability to empathize supports people to take responsibility for their life and heal their problem, while sympathy may keep one feeling like a victim.

    Consciousness - Heightened awareness. Able to share one's thoughts and feelings in difficult situations. Spiritually aligned and aware of the consequences of one's actions.

    Deception - An unconscious lie that you tell yourself or another. See Self Deception.

    Declaration - See affirmation.

    Deep-rooted fear - A fear related to a phobia, such as fear of heights, fear of the dark, fear of death, etc.

    Divine Purpose - Why you came to earth at this time in these circumstances to express a particular aspect of God.

    Dominion - The power to rule and be in authority over one's subtle energy fields, as well as in all areas of one's life. To dominate natural substance (of the earth) and reign over one's own body and life.

    Double Mindedness - A condition where your left brain thoughts and your right brain feelings/intuition are not aligned. Therefore, you emotionally experience going in two directions at once, which gets in the way of accomplishing your goal.

    Dyslexia - This is the result of having a gap between the left & right brain function in relation to learning. This can cause slow reading, transposing letters or numbers, less comprehension and frustration. See Emotional Dyslexia.

    Ego - 3. The part of the psychic apparatus that experiences and reacts to the outside world and thus mediates between the primitive drives of the id and the demands of the social and physical environment.

    Ego Defenses - Ploys for the mind to survive in an intimidating world. We all acquire a set of habitual and unconscious defensive devices. These survival mechanisms bolster our sense of self acceptance and "self-rightness" when handling anxiety, guilt, or emotionally threatening situations. Ego Defenses alleviate post traumatic stress; soften failure or disappointment; reduce frustration and emotional conflict and protect us against acting out dangerous impulses. Though still part of immature behavioral patterns, they can assist you to watch your mind in action. In our early development stages these coping and adjusting behaviors are predictable and to some extent even healthy. As we mature, we are invited to shed defensive escape mechanisms and face difficulties directly. Maturation is about attaining a rich, meaningful life, not avoiding discomfort or hiding from feelings. It is about being open to know the truth no matter how uncomfortable that might be.

    Electromagnetic radiation - Radiation consisting of electromagnetic waves (electric and magnetic waves) including radio waves, light, x-ray, and gamma rays. I am usually referring to the energy emitted from man-made electrical devices that affect the energy field of your body in an adverse way; such as micro-waves, fluorescent lights, T.V.s, computers, etc.. The over saturation of these rays causes a short circuiting of the body's electrical currents and a shrinking of the body's electrical field, which can affect your energy level and your immune system.

    Emotional Dyslexia - A condition of dyslexia that comes and goes according to the emotional environment; such as when one is with a certain person or in a specific situation. An automatic "switching off" happens, causing the left and right hemisphere of the brain to disconnect and only be able to function one side at a time; the result being that the person becomes super emotional or super logical and does not integrate thoughts and feelings holistically. This emotional- based response usually relates to an earlier negative emotional experience.

    Emotion (see feeling) - In transformational healing an emotion arises when a feeling has been judged. Emotions are reactions to the environment that come from programming or real threats. Emotions are accompanied by relatively short-lived levels of arousal and desires to act; fear, disgust, anger, hate. When acute emotions are behaviorally disorganized as in the case of rage, desperate grief.

    Emotion Points - Testing areas on the body that disclose hidden emotions on a cellular or subconscious level. See Trigger Point Testing.

    Entities - (see Unclean Spirits)

    Feeling - (see Emotion) - In the most general way, feeling refers to 'experiencing' 'sensing' or 'having a conscious process;' Sensory impression, in which the reference is to feelings such as warmth or pain; Affective states, as in a feeling of depression, a feeling of desire, etc. (Penguin) This is what puts the human in 'having a human experience'.

    Full Potential - The MOST and BEST that is possible for one to be.

    Game - See Prime Attitude Game

    Grace - Unmerited favor. A way of receiving a free gift or favor without deserving it, with the understanding that there are no strings attached.

    Holy Spirit - The third expression of the Infinite Godhood, the Spirit of God, the Everywhere Presence, witnessing and testifying to all truth. The disciples of Christ were baptized in the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost before they went out to teach and preach with power. Holy Spirit baptism is the gift that Christ is bestowing today upon all those who seek it for the building of the kingdom. See Baptism of Fire.

    Herbals - Pertaining to herbs. The study of plants known for their medicinal qualities.

    Homeopathy - The method of treating disease by using minute doses (such as 1,000,000 to 1) of a toxic substance to create in a well person the same symptoms to those of the disease. A dilution and shaking process leaves only the electrical field of the toxin, whereby the body's own immune system becomes alarmed to fight the problem.

    Immature Ego State - The cluster of emotions based upon unresolved feelings that were judged, suppressed, and had a perpetration attached. The Immature Ego State is what reappears when in a similar upset when older, showing that one's reaction stayed the same as when young (immature). Immature ego states can be observed when you see a grown person behaving as a little child.

    Inner Guidance - The direction that you inherently "see" and "hear" with your heart and soul. May be referred to as the High Self, Light of Christ, Light of Truth, Spirit of God, intuition, divine conscience. Also, see Holy Spirit.

    Inside job - This refers to the possibility that the answer, as well as the problem, lies within you. It is not what happens to you that matters, it is how you handle it and what you choose to do with that information.

    Irony - Expressing a meaning which is different from, and often the direct opposite of the literal meaning. A manner of organizing a work so as to give full expression to contradictory or complementary impulses, attitudes, etc. especially as a means of indicating detachment from a subject, theme, or emotion.

    Judging - The mind drawing a conclusion before all of the evidence is in. The conclusion the mind draws is to make itself feel comfortable through proving it is right, proper, or justified.

    Kalos Health Facilitator - A person who is certified in applying The Kalos Process and the Ten Priority System to support people to participate in their healing process to heal the cause of their problem in the fastest way possible. See: "What Is A Health Facilitator?" at the end of this book.

    Kalos - of outward form, beautiful, beauteous; to like beauty, the decencies, proprieties , elegancies of life; in reference to use, beautiful, fair, good; of sacrifices, good auspicious; in moral sense, beautiful, noble, moral beauty, virtue, noble deeds

    Kalos Methodology - A set or system of methods, principles, and rules for understanding symptoms and causes in any area of one's life. A healing discipline and full potential development art to achieve success physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    Kalos Process, The - A spiritual process to understand and alleviate inner turmoil and emotionally based decisions that have affected one's life in a way that interferes with achieving success physically, mentally and emotionally. The Kalos Process is a process to: "See the truth to be set free of perpetrations and emotional blocks hindering one's healing process."

    Left Brain - Relating to one's thoughts, as opposed to one's feelings. Referring to the left hemisphere of the brain that relates to functioning through practicality and logic. Left brain dominance relates to processing information in a lineal manner, one step at a time, to arrive at conclusions.

    Left and Right Brain Alignment - This is the process of bringing agreement and electrical connection to the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This connection makes it possible for the brain to function more clearly using both the right brain feelings and intuition, as well as the left brain thoughts and logic. Aligning both thoughts and feelings supports you to accomplish any goal much easier. See Dyslexia and Emotional Dyslexia.

    Maturing up - This process changes the way you look at a life situation from the viewpoint of a child to the viewpoint of an adult. You mature the old lie, fear, perpetration to its Full Potential (another part of yourself). This assists you in gathering information and answering questions pertaining to the objective of your Kalos Process.

    Medical Cause - is the physiologically detectable sequences in the pathology of a disease. Kalos usually goes to the underlying cause behind the medical cause. (See also Cause)

    Mental Programming - The automatic workings of one's mind based upon survival programming. A storehouse of information on every experience that one has ever encountered. Since each experience builds upon another, mental programming builds to create patterns of automatic behavior to keep one in their comfort zone.

    Muscle Response Testing (MRT) - The practical use of the science of Applied Kinesiology through performing a muscle response test by isolating a specific muscle to access information at a cellular level. As a direct connection to the brain through the muscle, MRT is used throughout this text to obtain information and reprogram the subconscious mind.

    Natural Laws - "A principle or body of laws considered as derived from nature, right reason, or religion and as ethically binding in human society." (W.E.D.)

    Naturopathy - The method of treating disease through the use of foods, herbs, supplements, exercise, heat and other natural resources, including vibrational medicine and correcting one's mental attitude. The assumption is that nature always has the cure near the problem. The basic premise is to apply natural non-toxic supports to assist the body's innate healing ability.

    Neuro-vascular Holding Points - Located mainly on the head. They require a light touch to strengthen a weak muscle, improve circulation between muscles and organs and support the releasing of trapped emotions from a subconscious level.

    Open Eyed Process - The first part of The Kalos Process to resolve problems on a conscious level, where the cause of that problem does not begin before memory.

    Osteopathy - A therapeutic system of healing based upon soft tissue manipulation of the muscles and of manipulating the spine to restore or preserve health. Nutritional support is also recommended. In some states Osteopaths prescribe drugs the same as medical doctors.

    Paradox - A statement or proposition seemingly self-contradictory or absurd, yet in reality expressing a possible truth. Both sides of possible truth.

    Para-sympathetic nervous system - One of the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system, (the other being the sympathetic nervous system, ruling the flight or fight mechanism). Controls the involuntary activities of the organs, glands, blood vessels and other tissues of the body; including sexuality and the production of hormones and digestive enzymes. A non-threatening state of being is essential for this system to fully function.

    Payoff -

    Perpetration - Something you believe to be true that isn't. A subconscious self-deception or hidden agenda that you try to compensate for by proving it is not true, which then creates living out of the compensation for it. Often referred to as a lie that you believe about yourself, such as "I am not loved" or "I am not good enough." Core programming based upon a decision with a deception attached.

    Personality - In this transformational context it is comprised of the bodies: physical, emotional, mental. The whole is greater than the sum total of the parts. Each of these bodies is a vehicle for the spiritual being having a human experience to utilize in the expression of life purpose.

    Pleaser -

    Positive intent - A want or desire that stems from an honorable source, such as: "Behind every feeling and action is a positive intent."

    Precept - "A commandment or direction given as a rule of action or conduct; a maxim. A rule or law; a written order issued pursuant to law. Direction, order, prescription, guide or instruction." (W.E.D.)

    Proclaim - To speak in a way that acknowledges your word is powerful. "To announce or declare in an official or formal manner." (W.E.D.)

    Prime Attitude Game - A pattern of programming that is constantly running your mind and affecting your attitude in all of the aspects of your life; such as, "I'm not understood" or "I never get my share" or "There is never enough." Notice all "attitude games" contain limitations.

    Purpose for living - See Divine Purpose.

    Reaction - What happens when the subconscious is triggered into automatic behavior in the unhealed (immature) aspects of one's life, rather than a conscious response. Mentally or emotionally going back to an earlier, less mature time. "A reverse movement or tendency; an action in a reverse direction or manner." (W.E.D.)

    Reality - The way "it is" looking from the eyes of spirit. This term may be in contradiction to what one's mind thinks is real. Something that can be "seen" on a physical level or experienced on a nonphysical level. A real thing or fact.

    Renewing your mind - To change the bottom line programming of your mind from fear-based to trust and love- based, restoring a spiritual context to its functioning. A continual knowing that everything is working a benefit and will be fine no matter what the situation appears to be, as opposed to one's fundamental survival-based programming, which subconsciously runs one's behavior. Sometimes referred to as transformation. You transform your life through the renewing of your mind. This is not to mean "positive thinking," but to mean a perpetual positive attitude.

    Repression - is the unconscious process of exclusion of impulses, thoughts and desires that are felt to be unacceptable to the individual. (See suppression.)

    Responsibility - The ability to respond or owning your ability to make your own choices. "The state or fact of being answerable or accountable, as for something within one's power, control, or management." (W. E.D.)

    Restitution - To restore losses or compensate for damages one has incurred against another. To make amends and restore a loving relationship with emotional support as well.

    Right Brain - Referring to the right hemisphere of the brain, which relates to pictures, creativity, art, intuition and feelings; not logic.

    See the truth - A discovery. To awaken to reality and simply see "what is," as opposed to an opinion of what is so through one's belief system.

    Self-Deception - A belief that causes a contradiction in the way you act versus what you say. See Perpetration.

    Single mindedness - A state of being aligned in both left and right hemispheres of the brain - in both thoughts and feelings.

    Soul - A combination of: The will, mind and emotions, separate from the physical body. Often referred to as a quality of evolutionary expansion and growth. The soul evolves, yet functions in conjunction with spirit.

    Special Place - This is your "kingdom within," a special place where only you can go. This is a place within you, where you invite your special Advisors (a part of yourself), ask questions, receive answers and gain valuable support.

    Spiritual Principles - Laws that go beyond physical understanding, yet affect our physical world and our aliveness; such as the law of giving, which creates abundance; the law of forgiveness, which creates healing; and the law of faith, which causes miracles to happen.

    (The) Stick - Ego-Defenses Judgement

    Story - (See Prime Attitude Game) Sub-conscious - Websters (See also Unconscious) existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond consciousness; imperfectly or not wholly conscious; the totality of mental processes of which the individual is not aware. Penguin - 1. n. In psychoanalytic theory, a level of mind through which material passes on the way toward full consciousness. Note that, in fact, most purists eschew the term as overly popularized and imprecise, preferring the term preconscious. 2. N. In more general writings an information store continuing memories that are momentarily outside of awareness but which can easily be brought into consciousness. 3. adj. Characterizing information that is not part of one's momentary awareness but which can, given proper circumstances, be made conscious. 4. adj. Descriptive of information or stimuli that are at the margins of attention, events that one is only vaguely aware of. It should not, in any circumstances, be used as a synonym for unconscious.

    Sub-personalities -

    Suppression - conscious exclusion of impulses, thoughts and desires that are felt to be unacceptable to the individual. (See Repression)

    Surrogate testing - A way of testing small children, invalids, yourself, and even animals. It is the process of using one person's muscle to test another person. Surrogate testing demonstrates how the electrical currents of one body are transmitted to another body through touch, just as how many people can join hands and touch an electrical fence, yet only the one on the end gets the shock.

    Transformation - The act of moving or changing from one form to another, as a tree is transformed into lumber. A transformed state is still made of the same "stuff." It simply takes on a different purpose and meaning. Transforming one's life is to alter one's purpose from self-centeredness to consciousness beyond the self, incorporating the whole of humanity. To live for the benefit of others, unconditionally caring and humbly loving all creatures, even with risking one's comfort, is to transform one's life.

    Transmutation - The act of changing into a completely different nature or substance, form or condition. Using the above example of the tree, would be to burn the lumber in a fire, turning it into heat, light and ashes. A conversion process takes place, such as pride turns into humility and greed changes into contribution without seeking personal gain from the giving. It is a type of transformation. Even hate can turn into love when transmuted by "truth," such as in a Kalos Process.

    Trigger Points - Specific places on the body you touch and use MRT to determine internal conditions and subconscious information programmed within the memory banks of the cells. This includes Emotional Point Testing.

    Truth - I refer to "the truth" as being "what is so." This can mean as an individual or to the whole. Truth many times takes on the energy of what the group agrees "is so." I am not using "truth" as a doctrine or belief, but rather as a discovery or an experience of reality (spirit), which does not need explanation, only observing. Sometimes used as a possibility of reality that can enrich your experience of wholeness and well-being - "Know the truth and the truth can set you free!" Truth never needs defending, just observing.

    Unconscious - (See also Sub-Conscious) Penguin - Three distinguishable patterns of usage exist for this term, each with noun and adjective forms; the first is more or less nontechnical, the second is broad and a theoretical, and the third is closely tied in with a particular point of view with respect to theories of the human condition. All three, however, make contact in some way with the general notion of a level of mind lacking in awareness. To wit: 1a A state characterized by a lack of awareness, unconsciousness. Ib adj. Characterizing an individual in such a state. These meanings when they occur in technical writings are roughly equivalent to those in everyday language. ... Da n. A state characterized by a lack of awareness of ongoing internal processes. 2b adj. Characterizing those internal processes that proceed in an implicit manner outside of consciousness. While strictly speaking these two usages cover all processes occurring outside of an individual's awareness, the referents are typically the cognitive, emotional and /or motivational processes. Physiological processes, to be sure, take place largely without one's awareness but are rarely intended by users of the term. 3a n. In the depth psychologies, especially psychoanalysis, a domain of psyche encompassing the repressed id functions, the primitive impulses and desires, the memories, images and wishes that are too anxiety-provoking to be accepted into consciousness. 3b adj. Characterizing these primordial, repressed desires, memories and images. Note that the unconscious (3a) is assumed to be populated by two varieties of psychic entities, those that were once conscious but had been exiled from awareness and those that were never in consciousness - repression (1). Distinguish from - preconscious, which is the domain of mind whose components are not momentarily a part of one's consciousness but which may be retrieved by a simple exercise of memory.

    Unconditional Love - Supernatural loving with no conditions attached to that loving. Relates to loving ALL in the same manner with no respecter of persons, as opposed to the mind's way of loving conditionally before it is renewed.

    Unclean Spirits - The biblical term for thought forms that can attach to a person's energy field, referred to as: "Oppressive spirits" and "Possessive spirits." Some refer to them as energy forms. They are different than disembodied spirits, whom have lived here and died.

    Universal Principle - A specific viewpoint to look at life for identifying perpetrations and resolving reactionary behavior that comes from a judgmental state.

    Vibrational medicine - A form of medicine that applies Einstein's paradigm, seeing human beings as networks of complex energy fields that interface with physical/cellular systems. Uses specialized forms of energy to positively affect those energetic systems to bring them to balance.

    Well-being - Energetic, a state of being well and healthy - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, having a zest for life!

    Word of authority - Declaring or proclaiming a statement that causes the changing of events or energy. Speaking from the Spirit or under the influence of the Holy Spirit. When using the Universal Principles to observe life's events there is an experience of seeing with the eyes of authority. Using the Word of Authority is a way of taking charge of your life and moving energy immediately in its simplest form.