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Introducing Our Founder of the Kalos Ministries

Valerie Seeman Gersch, N.D.

                  "The Kalos Process, is not just about feeling good, it is about transformation."

 AN AMAZING DISCOVERY!!  "Everything we do comes from a positive intent! We can only say or do things that are right, proper or justified in our eyes (in that moment) and those with whom we interact are programmed that way, too. "

However, the outcome may be hurtful; and we are left with emotional blocks in our lives. Our inner scripts have sometimes been debilitating. This work enables us to trace our scripting back, including back into generations of time where the cause began. It is then healed in it's person of origin be it parent or great grandparent, or maybe in a non-genetically related adult.

    Valerie Seeman Gersch, N.D., a graduate of the International College of Naturopathy, has been practicing wholistic healing, lecturing and training students for forty plus years. Beginning with her own "spiritual healing" in 1962, she started an intensive search to find ways the body could heal itself through proper physical, mental and spiritual balance. By 1969, she began practicing as a nutritional consultant, while continuing her studies in immunology, pathology and bio-mechanics of the human body. She interned through a licensed clinical and surgical practice, which gave her the opportunity to explore natural healing methods under medical supervision. As a result, the clinic's need for surgeries among its patients was greatly reduced.

    Valerie expanded her study of nutrition and herbology through Dr. Henry G. Bieler, M.D. and Dr. Bernard Jensen, N.D., D.C. to improve healing, regeneration and other aspects of preventive medicine. By working with patients that the medical profession could no longer help, she was able to find additional ways to assist the body to heal itself. Next, she added the technology of "Creative Healing Massage" to alleviate pain and inflammation faster, as well as regenerate the body; receiving her M.T. degree from Alpha Massage School, San Mateo, California in 1973.

    She received special coaching from some of the most gifted people in Kinesiology, including a major founder, George Goodheart, D.C., John Thie, D.C., Sheldon Deal, D.C., Gordon Stokes, Daniel Whitesides, and Paul Dennison. Her studies with Dr. Stan Malstrom, and Dr. John Christopher motivated her to start lecturing on health, home remedies, nutrition, herbology and Applied Kinesiology. In 1976 Valerie became certified to teach the "Touch for Health" (TFH) Workshops. She taught hundreds of students advanced healing techniques on how to relieve pain in the body, overcome allergies and release stress from a subconscious level and understand the cause.

    In 1978, Valerie founded Wholistic Health Education in El Dorado County, California. Through research with students at her workshops and with patients in her clinic, she developed many new methods for using Muscle Response Testing (MRT) to communicate with the body at much deeper levels, learning how to more effectively trace a problem to its source, the originating cause. This research created breakthrough technology, which is a big part of what she teaches today.

    As a further refinement of finding the sources of stress related "blocks" on the subconscious level, she became certified in hypnosis in 1980, by the Hypnotism Training Institute, Los Angeles, California. A whole new world opened up on how the mind affects the body and new ways to relieve stress at a cellular level came into her practice. This hunger to understand the integration of mind, body, spirit has taken her to many parts of the world to study from different viewpoints and different cultures. She then assisted in the development of the RFA (Relaxed Focused Attention) Process, a simplified method of helping to reprogram the sub-conscious mind to a perpetual positive attitude. The Process, which is now called the Kalos Process discloses core programming that interferes with the healing process, as well as achieving one's goals. The Kalos Process achieves goals faster than any other known method.

    In her continuing search to integrate the mind, body and spirit in the healing process, she became certified in Body/Brain Integration (One Brain 1983 and Advanced One Brain 1984), to work effectively with dyslexia and learning handicaps. Valerie now has a complete program with a follow along DVD for children and adults with learning disabilities.  Her Easy Learning Facilitation (ELF) Program is designed to help children and parents in the continuing support for balancing both sides of the brain for easier learning and is available at Kalos Home Office.

She studied with Dr. Vern Wolfe in 1985 on the Mind Model and studied transformation methodologies with many other well known teachers (Werner Erhard, Ken Keyes, etc.). During all of this, teaching has become her major goal and joy. She enjoys using her special gift of tuning in to each individual - physical, mental or spiritual. She has taught thousands of students, helping them understand how the body works, how to relieve pain, how to overcome dis-ease and how to take charge of their lives. She is the author of A New Day In Healing, as well as Heal The Cause, the first two books of her Transformational Healing Series.

    In 1985 Valerie founded Kalos Seminars International to fulfill her dream of creating a new healing art called "Health Facilitation." Kalos empowers and supports individuals to participate in their own healing process by understanding and alleviating the underlying cause of their problem, as well as using natural methods to alleviate the symptoms. Drawing from her vast knowledge of how the body/mind gets sick and how to get well, she has set up a Ten Priority System for achieving optimum well-being. In 1997, Kalos Ministries was formed as a not-for-profit umbrella for respective Kalos operations.

Kalos phone: (800) 775-2567