Code Of Ethics

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Health Facilitator Oath and Pledge

I Give My Oath to Each Student/client I Work with That:
1. I will support you (student/client) to the best of my ability, in every appropriate way possible to overcome any problem and to take charge of your health.
2. In the role of Health Facilitator I will not diagnose or treat. Rather together we will explore causes, related patterns, and systemic relationships for you to implement.
3. We will utilize your own body's bio-computer to access a potential set of priorities for self- directed as well as divine healing.
4. As a Health Facilitator I will most want to be in the role of guide or teacher supporting your knowledge, skills, and responsibility for resolving problems.
5. As a Transformational Consultant it is my intention to assist in creating the space for more than specific issues to be addressed but any related issues that form a debilitating pattern of self-limitation to be identified and released.
6. My commitment will be to be a team-mate with you in continuing your process of integrating body, mind, and spirit for optimum health and well being.
7. My fervent goal is to see you express your full potential in: optimum health, well being, living your life purpose, and manifesting your divinely inspired dreams.

With All My Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength, I Pledge:
1. To honor the Divine.
2. To express my full potential at all times to clients, students, and colleagues.
3. To have the highest integrity in all my relations with others, while applying Kalos methods.
4. To commit to continuing my learning and growth as a facilitator in the transformation work.
5. To acknowledge Spirit as the healer.
6. To "live the work" and "be the process", ever in self observation, understanding and love.
7. To to be equally highly committed to my own well-being, just as I am to client/students.
8. To not deride others, especially health professionals, choosing to speak to them directly.

Ethics in Utilizing the Kalos Process and Methodologies

Facilitate them, don't advise, counsel, direct, or prescribe. Support them to trust their testing and be empowered by their inner doctor and God's wisdom for them.

Do not give advice, spiritual counsel or intuitive insights, unless credentialed and paid to do so.
Only provide psychoanalytic assessments or therapeutic directions, if your are licensed to.
Do not recommend any medical treatments: colonics, minerals baths, fasts. Let their body tell them through MRT.
Do not prescribe specific remedies: herbal, homeopathic, tinctures, any type of medicines. Let their own body tell them what they need through MRT.
Do not push any vitamins, minerals, supplements. Simply show the student/client how these requirements can be tested. Start with their preferred products, if they can visualize the item clearly. Otherwise standardized products (e.g. Kalos Catalog) you are very familiar with and can visualize and test on them. Where possible have the products on hand so there body is getting an accurate reading from a specific supplement.

Be present to the participant and respect their experience. Be respectful of their right to their beliefs. Facilitate them to 'breakthrough' and be empowered by their own process. They choose for themselves.

Do not argue with a participant or challenge their beliefs, contradict their experience with how you might have felt if you had been there.
Do not push them to a breakthrough, badger them to let go, pull them out of a feeling, or press them to experience their feelings.
Let them know they are doing well and support wherever they are in their abilities. There is no "right" way to feel. It is no "wrong" to think your feelings.
Do not relate situations back to you, "That sounds like something that happened to me..." Don't talk about yourself.

Deeply connect with the participant in their experience. Remain objective so that you don't get caught up in their story, seduced by their reactions. Separate yourself from their issues and remain effective in the process. Identify and yet be detached; be deeply compassionate at a distance. Just listen intently and know there are many levels to truth. You are even the detective discovering layers of reality to heal the cause. Look for the benefit in their experience, as it assists you to be detached.

Do not take sides or establish blame, be on the side of healing.
Do not be sympathetic (empathetic, yes) and collaborate in their story. Everything that is not health and happiness has a perpetration (deception) attached.
Do not collude with a story that reminds you of situations you experienced in your life. Use compassion not collusion.
Don't suppress your own feelings or share them either (unless truly called upon by the Holy Spirit).

Focus on the process, facilitate their healing themselves. Empower them to heal themselves by the knowledge of understanding the cause, correcting any broken physical laws of health, releasing negative emotions, and faith.

Do not see them with a problem, rather see them with an opportunity and know a resolution is within their reach.
Do not state something negative into being. "You are dysfunctional ...", "You sound like you have emotional dyslexia ...", "Let's check on your blocked ileo cecal valve."
Don't admonish or dis-empower, "I'd be angered if that had been me." "Don't you feel ashamed for..."
Don't hypothesize or add conjecture. "I wonder if you had a bad experience with a mother figure as a child?"
Don't use the process to look for, confirm, or teach your beliefs.

Dress - tasteful, neutral or gentle colors (for accurate MRT)
No flirtations or sexual involvements with participants/clients.
Respectful and Courteous
Thoughtful and sincere
Objective and detached
Be encouraging and supportive
Discern every circumstance for an opportunity to support the participant.
Utilize every situation as an opportunity to live the principles.

Do not share contents outside of session office (or in it to anyone else unless they are supervising your training and it is imperative for the client's benefit and your improved performance.
Do not share with a third party unless they are being asked to contribute to improving your abilities or the participants experience.
Do not mention any specific names or their circumstances outside the session office without written permission.

Be the process and live by it's principles.
"Show up" and let go to the spirit.
Have no expectations, yet abundant expectancy

IS NOT A treatment of any physical, mental, or emotional illness.
IS NOT A substitute for ongoing therapy (medical or psychological)
IS NOT about giving advise on how to solve the problems of life.
IS NOT about taking sides or establishing blame.
IS NOT about deciding what is right or wrong.
IS NOT a magic pill that guarantees a non-disturbed state.

Allow for the possibility
Stand for the participants reaching their goals
Support everyone to heal the cause
Stand for each person being empowered
Believe for the miracle of healing
Stand for the ongoing event of healing
Trust Spirit expressing through your Full Potential each moment

Acknowledge the clients and participants
Appreciate your team members
Always look on how you can help the coordinator and team leader
Thank yourself for what has been contributed through you.
Be in gratitude for the loving spirit that can turn all adversity to good use.

The following Oath and Code of Ethics was suggested by Dr. Rajesh Vishwanathan, of Bombay India, October 21, 1994.