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What Are Kalos Health Facilitators (Transformational Healing Consultants)?
    Philosophical Orientation To Life
    Perspective On The Healing Process
    Approach On Facilitating An Individual's Healing, Optimum Well Being, Full Potential
    Attitude Towards the Student in a session (Client, Participant)
    Personal Commitment to Live the Work, To Be The Process

       A Health Facilitator is a Health Professional, who is committed to supporting people to understand the CAUSE of their problem and how they can participate actively in their own healing process.

       A Health Facilitator does not give advice, diagnose or prescribe, but rather teaches an individual how they can access information from their body through Muscle Response Testing (MRT) to uncover hidden information stored on a subconscious level. This information can lead to understanding why that ailment or problem exists.

       A Health Facilitator encourages and supports people who have been overcome with hopelessness or helplessness by involving them in their healing at a causal level. This means that people can identify what specific emotions, people, or beliefs are involved that may  hamper the natural healing process.

       Health Facilitators can educate a person on how their body works, how their mind works, and how the two interrelate. They understand the mental, physical, and spiritual laws behind problems and therefore, assist people to understand what law they have broken, which has contributed to their problem.

       Transformational healing is understood by a Health Facilitator, because it is the core aspect of health facilitation. Transformational healing is not about fixing problems, it is about holding life itself in a different paradigm - a paradigm of wholeness. It is about a "Spiritual Being having a human experience, rather than a human being having a spiritual experience."

       Transformational healing draws one forward to living for something much larger than themselves - their Purpose! It is about "transforming one's life by the renewing of one's mind," and surrendering to Spirit. This heals not only at a physical level, but heals the soul and fulfills the purpose of our being.

       Health Facilitators support people to express their full potential and carry out their divine purpose in specific ways. They support people to achieve goals such as: career changes, full potential relationships and spiritual alignment, no matter what their belief system. In fact, the healing process moves much more rapidly as people are moving toward meaningful goals. Many times boredom, emptiness, & disappointments contribute to their problem. By living out of a divine purpose one multiplies the healing energy of the body, which produces much faster results. Unless there is motivation to living, we begin dying.

       Health Facilitators can work with any health professional to support an individual to come to normal function and optimum well being. They are able to identify when more specialized support is needed from another health professional, such as a medical doctor, osteopath, naturopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, etc...

       Being a Health Facilitator is a spiritual calling. Facilitators are aligned and living the laws of health themselves, so that they can share from their own experience. They are committed to "walking their talk" and living a high integrity life dedicated to serving God, living their divine purpose, and supporting others to do the same.