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by Kirstin Hanson


is an educator, encourager and administrator of wholistic principles and practices, who recognizes that our spiritual nature is an integral part of the human experience and that, by seeking balance, we will achieve optimal health and well being.

A Health Facilitator teaches an individual about how the body works, and how to harmonize with basic Physical, Mental and spiritual Laws, thereby allowing the body to operate in a "healing mode."

The Laws of the Physical Nature are those relating to Nutrition, Detoxification, Cleansing, Regular Exercise, Proper Rest and a Pollution Free Environment.

The Laws of the Mental Nature are those relating to Single-mindedness, Emotional Clarity, Integrity and Honesty.

The Laws of the Spiritual Nature are to cultivate one-ness with the nature of the Divine, Freedom from Negativity, and an ongoing understanding of the interconnectedness of all Life.

A Health Facilitator has a deep level of dedication to practicing these Principles in their daily lives.

A Health Facilitator does not diagnose, prescribe, or fix, but rather encourages the individual to find his or her own personal motivation toward health and healing.  This is achieved in a practical, step-by-step way... by creating manageable goals and measurable progress on a functional level.

A Health Facilitator does not treat individuals with a bias or prejudice regarding past (or current) belief systems or ideas, rather, they assist an individual in finding his or her own momentum toward health, healing and personal well-being.

A Health Facilitator honors the fact that all life is sacred in and of itself; that all things on our path can help us create a deeper awareness and appreciation of our human experience ... if we embrace our positive learning from them.

A Health Facilitator can work with (or in addition) to other mainstream Health Care Providers, since the work is done with the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection at causal levels.

AS A KALOS HEALTH FACILITATOR, we are to hold the knowledge and Understanding we are given with hands open, ready to give and receive... remembering that LOVE is the greatest healer and we are "Keepers of the Light."

Kirstin Hanson
Faribault, Minnesota